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Some GREAT Resources and Books

Every now and then I write a blog to share some of the cool books and tools I am discovering — the stuff I find truly useful.  So here are several things I highly recommend:

I absolutely LOVE Guy Kawasaki’s news and information site: Alltop. One of the coolest things about the site is that you can build your own personal Alltop page with just the news and blogs you want to keep track of. Here is a link to the page I created with some of my favorite sites:  I have found Alltop to be a fantastic way to get exactly the information I want on any number of key topics (small business, sales expertise, world news, business news, important blogs, hobbies)  that I would normally have to hunt all over the web to find. This site totally rocks!!!

I just got a copy of Joe Calloway’s revised and updated “Becoming a Category of One.” Wow, he took one of my very favorite books… and made it even better!  If you want to get some wonderful ideas and examples for how to stand out from the crowd and completely differentiate your business, this is a superb book. Actually — anything that Joe Calloway writes is excellent — I have all of this books (Indispensable and Work Like You’re Showing off) and re-read them often — they are truly that good! Here is a link to Joe’s website where you can learn more about him and order a few of his books:

If you want to learn the key ideas from some of the top business books in the world, but you really do not like to read — I have a site that will change your life!!!  I stumbled across the site a few months ago and am totally addicted. On this site Steve Cunningham does a short video explaining the core principles of today’s hottest business books.  The videos are FUN, witty, and highly informative – a real joy to watch.  I use this site to re-review books I have read, or decide if I want to go out and buy a book and read the entire thing based on the brief video overview that Steve presents. This is definitely one of those sites (like that you are going to want to share with everyone you know.  It is so cool to just sit down at your computer and “watch’ a great book!!! Here is the link: You really need to visit this site.

Okay, to keep on the theme of making things easier, here is another item that can change your life. I have recently become a huge fan of the voice recognition software called: Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  I tried some voice recognition software several years ago and it was horrific — but not anymore! I actually wrote my new book (57,580 words of it) using this software. It was about 90% accurate and I now use it to return all of my emails and write my blogs (yes, I am speaking this into the computer with my feet propped-up on the desk and looking out the window of my office). I have the Standard Edition 10.1, which only costs about $99 and it is amazing.

Lastly, I have set up a fan page on Facebook for my upcoming book “Awesomely Simple- Essential Business Strategies for Turning Ideas into Action” which will launch nationwide in about 20 days!  If you’d like to show your support and get updates about the book and the companion website – I’d love to have you become a fan! Click hereto go to the page, or just do a search for “Awesomely Simple” on Facebook and you should have no problem finding and joining the fan page. I look forward to seeing you on the list!

Hope you found some of these items useful, and I encourage you to comment on any new and exciting things you are finding!

Take good care – John


  1. Hi John!

    Great tips and resources, as always. I’ve become a big fan of thanks to you. I’ll be sure to check out the other items you mentioned…


  2. Hi, John!

    Looking forward to your visit this year for training. Great resources and books! Thank you for keeping it simple. I’m off to purchase the Dragon Naturally Speaking software right now!

    To your success,