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Great Blog on Great Leadership

There is a superb blog on leadership development that I have been following for a long time called: Great Leadership. It is hosted by Dan McCarthy and has won numerous awards as one of the best business blogs on the web. I was recently invited to write a guest post on “The Global Leader of the Future.” I did a lot of research to put the article together and I think it is something you will find very interesting. Click here to read my post on Great Leadership and get introduced to this fabulous blog!

I Lost My

Unfortunately, with the economic challenges facing our country right now, many people are out of work, are worried that they might soon be, or have a friend or family member who has been laid off. For those that find themselves without a job it can be incredibly frustrating and scary. To help those faced with a recent job loss, a very close friend of mine, Rob Shindell, has helped launch a great new website called: I asked him some questions about the new site…

1. Give me a quick overview of what I Lost My is.

 Our mission is to do good for people who have lost their jobs, are involuntarily unemployed, and/or are taking steps to getting back to productive employment.  Our objective is to provide useful content and website features that promote successful recovery after job loss and/or unemployment.  We are continually adding new features to our site that will help those achieve their employment goals.


2. What, specifically, makes your site unique and valuable?

 We provide resources for people coping with and recovering from job loss.  Instead of just articles, we also have a robust video library for users that can provide assistance with everything from resume writing to negotiating a job offer to starting your own business.  Our resources include both articles and videos about coping with job loss, getting started with a job search, starting a resume or updating your current resume, and more. The website also contains features for sharing information and interacting with experts, organizations, and businesses who deal with coping job loss and job layoff recovery. differentiates itself from other websites through our extensive use of video, as well as our timely and original content, focused on empowering the unemployed.  Users also have the ability to customize their experience at by becoming a member of the site.  Membership is free.  

Each section of the website has been specifically created to meet the user where they are and take them to a new level of understanding while also providing support and direction for those coping with job loss.


3. Who should be looking at this site?

The answer to this question is simple.  Anyone and everyone working in the United States today should be visiting  With the current economy the way it is, I do not believe that there is a person in the United States who has not been affected by job loss either directly or indirectly. At, we provide resources for not only the unemployed but also their families and friends. 


4. If I do have a job, why should I be interested in

Even if you do have your job and you are still employed we invite you to visit  The resources that we have available may not be what you are looking for right now because you’re still employed but you may find something that can help a friend or family member who’s dealing with job loss.  By forwarding this information to a friend or loved one dealing with job loss he could really be helping that individual who has been struggling either get back into the job market or provide support and help someone that they know it has been dealing with job loss.


If you know anyone who has recently lost their job, I strongly urge you to send them a link to this site, I am sure they will be very glad to have access to the resources and assistance that the floks at have put together for them. 


Hope this helped — talk to you soon – John


  1. Great information as always! I tweeted the information out to my 2000 followers. Thank you for providing amazing resources, information and knowledge continually. Last month with your recommendation, I purchased the Dragon software and my first book is almost completed. Thanks!

  2. Tina — thanks for the comment and the tweet!!!!! Glad the Dragon software was helpful. I truly appreciate your support onf my blog — take good care – John