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Want to “Watch” Some Really Great Business Books?

Several months ago I came across what has to be one of the coolest and most useful web sites on the Internet. Here is a site where you can (for free) watch a superb, brief and very enjoyable review of some of the best business books on the market. For busy people this is a fast, easy, and efficient way to learn great ideas, check out a new books (to decide if you want to invest the time and money to read the entire book) and have fun in the process! I am totally addicted to this awesome site and I am sure you will be too!

Just about every Monday morning, Steve Cunningham and his team at Polar Unlimited post a new review of a book that they feel has something important and valuable to say. They have covered books from such well-known authors as: Seth Godin, Daniel Pink, Stephen Covey, Jack Welch, Malcolm Gladwell, Jim Collins… and now… John Spence!

I am deeply honored that the folks at READITFOR.ME have chosen to review my new book, Awesomely Simple. The review just got posted this morning AND we are having a contest for whoever posts the best comments.

Every day this week I will pick a winner and then post a brief video on the READITFOR.ME site to announce the winner and add my thoughts about their comments. Every winner will receive a copy of Awesomely Simple and a copy of my leadership book, Excellence by Design. So please go visit the site, enjoy the review of my book and leave a comment, maybe it will earn you two new books!

Take good care – John Spence

PS – Please be sure to forward this note or a link on to anyone you think would find value in this awesome web site!!!


  1. John,
    I found about 3 months ago and It has changed my life. It was cool to see how engaged you were with the comments on the website. I am going to buy and read your book. I think I was sold on your book just from the title. In our overly complex world, I believe keeping things as simple as possible is critical.

    Thanks for taking the time and effort to write the book.


  2. Thanks for the kind words Dee — let me know if there is anyhting I can do to assist you!