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How to Make Persuasion Last

For nearly 20 years I have made my living trying to persuade other people to listen to my ideas and advice. Sometimes they arrive at my speeches or workshops highly motivated to learn what I am teaching. Other times… well… not so much! So to me, the ability to deliver information in a compelling and persuasive way is critical to my success – and I will bet it is to yours as well. All of us, in a myriad of different ways, need to be skilled at getting other people to do what we would like them to do. In other words: persuasiveness is a fundamental aspect of being a good sales person, leader, manager, doctor, lawyer, parent, teacher… a good communicator in any role in your life.

That why I was so very pleased to read an excellent blog on this topic from my good friend Jack Malcolm. Jack is one of the top professional speakers and executive trainers in the business and has been a mentor to me since the day I started working in this field. He is a brilliant thinker and has spent more than a decade studying and practicing his communication and persuasion skills. Here is a link to Jack’s latest blog entitled: “Who Do They Think They Are? Making Persuasion Last.” I strongly urge you to take a moment to read his blog – and send it on to anyone you feel will find value in Jack’s superb words of wisdom. There are some absolutely great ideas in Jack’s article – I very much hope you enjoy it!  Click HERE to go to article.


  1. Great Blog. Your delivery is always compelling and full of passion.

    Thanks for being extraordinary JS.

  2. Self image is so important to each of us and Jack shares this example it show great insight by Coach Nelson.

    How often have we received “constructive feedback” and rejected it. Why? because it didn’t fit our self image. What Coach Nelson did is not easy for leaders to understand let alone do. Yet Jack is right it can be very powerful.

  3. Thanks for sharing this excellent post.

    In my experience intrinsic motivation almost always trumps extrinsic motivation (in business, parenting, intimate relationships, etc.). You can’t sell anyone, but people love to buy from you when what you provide aligns with their needs, desires and beliefs (self-image).

    I’ll certainly be passing this on.