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How To Build a High-Performance Team

The video I did last week on “Creating a Culture of Accountability” was so well received, I decided to follow it up with another short video on a key business success topic: teamwork. I hope you find this video very valuable and send the link on to any of your friends or colleagues that you feel might enjoy it. Thanks so much – have a super day, John


  1. GREAT Post John. I have not been to your site. Mike Van Dervort tweeted about your post. I plan on using this for training in the next week. I will check out some of your older posts and let my contacts know about your work. Keep the good stuff coming.

    • johnspen says:

      Welcome Dave == thanks for the kind words — be sure to look at the past blog on my “Formula for Business Success” — there is a really cool “word cloud” on it that you will likely find interesting. Look forward to your comments and feedback — thanks – John Spence

  2. John,

    This is a good video. I like the simple concepts.

  3. Hi from New Zealand (the bottom of the world for only part of the day). Had the last video sent to me and have used with a number of clients and just emailed this latest one off to several others. I use Patrick Lencionis work quite a bit on team functioning. You back this up beautifully.
    Thanks for sharing your ideas and making them accessible. There are some very down to earth hard working business owners that get to connect to this material and be able to make both their and their teams a whole lot more rewarding. Great stuff. If you’re ever in New Zealand I’ll get you to game of rugby – you’d love it!


    • johnspen says:

      Actually Deon — I played rugby in college — I was a prop — then a wing-forward — loved the game but I broke my neck playing it in 1987 and have had to leave the pitch! Glad you enjoyed the video — keep in touch DA!

  4. Awesomely simple and clear. Bravo!

  5. John,

    in my work with nonprofit boards, what you have shared in this video is so valuable to create a shared work performance. I will be sharing this video with clients to urge them to put this in motion! Nice work! Deb

    • johnspen says:

      Thankis Deb — so happy you found this video of value. By the way – I accepted a seat on the SFF board today.

  6. Tim Orwig says:

    Awesome and direct. Thanks for sharing this.

  7. Seven minutes of pure gold. I loved your Accountability Video and this one also ticks all of the boxes. A good tool to share with clients to self assess if their claims to have high performing teams actually measure up. You might like to consider doing a video on the importance of planning to the ultimate success of a business enterprise as I regularly find businesses that don’t understand that lack of planning leads to mediocre outcomes. Cheers, Daniel.

  8. Another thought-provoking post, John – thanks!

    I thought I’d add that when it comes to clarity on teams, I’ve found that it’s important to think about this in terms of goals being “clear to US,” rather than “clear to ME.” I’ve found that many leaders do not get to the “clear to US” level of clarity; sometimes because they do not ask others – but more often because they do not understand that others are frequently motivated to SAY they are on the same page with the leader even if they are not due to a lack of perceived safety (which is a whole other topic that needs deeper exploration in most cases, I think) – many leaders think things are safe to ME without realizing it’s not safe to US, etc.).

    How do you know if goals are clear to US? If WE are satisfied with outcomes! How do you know if the team is safe to US? If we see regular disagreement with and/or requests for clarity from the leader!

    Interesting stuff as always, John – thanks again!

  9. Deborah says:

    ………”Snap-Tastic”…… your stuff!!! Quick little bites to nourish my leadership role daily. “Keep doing what you’re doing…and keep getting what you are getting” …….. deborah

  10. Robert says:


    what else can i say except ‘awesomely simple’. great book by the way


  11. Tony Heath says:

    Hi John. How difficult would it be for you to make your videos run in non-Flash machines like the iPad? I bet I’m not the only person who wants to watch your videos from an easy chair.
    I’ll get to your video later. Peace.

  12. Jim Curtiss says:

    John, so much packed into your 7 minutes! In the performance culture in which I work, we move very deliberately to higher and higher levels and those six areas you mentioned are being worked on right now. However, I’ll be evaluating my performance as a school leader and highlight those where we (I) need more work. Thanks for this podcast and I look forward to future ones.

  13. Hiroyoshi Murasaki says:

    Another great video. Simple, concise, executable. I forwarded to some key friends. Thanks for the excellent ideas, John!