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A Book Recommendation and Some Really Good Advice

I really liked this book – thought it was full of great information. Click on the cover to learn more about “From Bud To Boss.”

.I hope you found this podcast helpful, I look forward to your comments, feedback and suggestions for future podcast topics.  Thanks so much – take good care, John


  1. John,

    I should be saying “no” to watching your videos over doing my homework, but, I have a soft spot for you. lol. Seriously, with each podcast, blog and live presentation, my life and business are elevated. Thanks for sharing the love.


  2. John, “Bingo” on one of the real keys to a successful business life and a successful personal life is having the discipline to say ‘no’ to things that are outside your core mission. It’s hard, but like everything else, once you learn the skill and develop the discipline, life and business will see noticeable improvement.

    Thanks for your continued flow of ideas!

  3. Hi John,

    Glad to see your recommendation of “From Bud to Boss.” I think it’s destined to become a classic.

    Thanks for the healthy reminder to say no. I get a little nervous because I’m saying no to lots of things these days. However, as you indicate, life is definitely better. I like the level of stress that comes with doing things that matter rather than struggling through things that don’t matter.

    Best regards,


  4. Thanks, John. Great insights and appreciated reading referral.

  5. Hi, John,

    Thanks for the book review and great insight. I couldn’t agree with you more. Being able to say, “no” and maintaining focus on core competencies is a crucial part of growing a successful business. It seems like there will always appear to be new opportunities. At the same time, not focusing on the “end zone” will ensure that you never get there.

    Great “aha” moment for me – the rest of my life! I know that I, like many business leaders I work with, put so much emphasis on the business that we lose site of that thing called A LIFE!

    Keep up the great work!


  6. John,

    The timing of this video could not have been more perfect for me. Focus is such a key piece. I am finding as I take on more and more leadership, it is easy to get pulled in so many directions. I think sometimes it is a matter of saying “no” to one of two or more good opportunities because the time is just not there. That is when the focus really comes in. “I cant do it all. Which opportunity in front of me has the highest chance of leading me towards my long term goals? Am I willing to commit the time and focus needed to maximize this opportunity and pass on the others?”

    Thanks John!



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