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What Does It Mean to Have an Ownership Mentality?


I sure hope you found value in this video blog. PLEASE pass this link along to anyone you feel might find value in the information I share.  Also, I welcome your feedback and suggestions for future video blogs. Yes, that’s right – I take requests!

Have a super day — I look forward to talking to you again soon – John


  1. Thanks for this blog, John. As owner of One Source Accounting in Gainesville, FL, it’s nice to apply these criteria to my employees and realize they are doing a great job!

    However, as a small business, I don’t share the profits and financial benchmarks with my employees so they are not in a position to really carry out your last point of “insurance policy.”

    Take care!

  2. Bill Gair says:

    John – these words regarding ownership mentality are spot on! Thank you for sharing these ongoing messages to keep us focused on basic principles.

  3. Noelle Raimondo says:

    Thanks John! We had a meeting with our service staff a couple weeks ago and asked them for suggestions to improve the restaurant. We were amazed by their responses! Without hesitation they all gave great suggestions- most of which we have already implemented and seen improvements! Just by asking for input alone we helped bring out the ownership mentality in our staff. I will pass your blog along to the rest of our management so we can use other keypoints to continue this ownership mentality- thanks!

  4. Awesome blog! Will use this info wisely. Thanks as always!

    Shine On!

  5. John, I think your idea extends beyond employees but could include contractors, consultants, vendors, and everyone else in an organization’s community/network.

    For instance, when I’m working with my clients, I don’t take the approach of just putting words on paper. Even while I remain anonymous, I feel I have a vested interest in my clients’ success – that it’s my responsibility to look out for them as much as I can.

    As always, John, your information is great. Thanks for being an inspiration for the rest of us.

  6. Wes Bryan says:

    Great 5 minute video John, straight, direct and to the point

  7. John,
    Great information as always. Although sometimes it kind of scares me….. each week we will discuss something in our Team Leader meeting and then within a week or two you have a blog about it!! You must have ears in there:) Kaizen is something I personaly live by and we at GHF live by!!

  8. Thanks again John for another great lesson! I think this concept can apply to all teams, of various sizes and industries. If companies can express this idea to their employees, we as a collective society, will reap the benefits. Please continue to keep the great content coming! Have a great day.

  9. Thanks for the great vlog John! As we grow our business, your knowledge is always helpful. But I particularly love how your tips can apply to personal relationships as well. Accountability, proactivity, being a team player… these are huge for the relationship world! Thanks again 🙂

  10. John,
    Excellent points! All of them are right on with “ownership”, but I mostly like the accountability concept. We all need to be more accountable for everything we do (success or failure). Success shows us what we are doing correctly, and failure tells us there is room for improvement. Society has shown us to take the credit when we win, but point the finger when we loose. A good manager/leader accepts that there are many players behind each.
    I also liked your Japanese example, since they became famous for improving the “process”, not the product, so you are right, even little strides in improving the process every day, allows you to put out a better product — whether widgets, service, etc! Take care…

  11. John, good to see “ownership mentality” getting attention. Your points are all good indicators of an “ownership culture” that breeds an “ownership mentality”. I am sure that your clients realize that you get what you give and people model the behavior that they see in their leaders. How many owners have the ownership mentality? That is not a small bag of attitude that you described.

    Three elements can help create the culture (1) Clear values and standards that the leader/owner lives, (2) Access to information that leads to problem identification and resulting improvements, yes that means financial statements and (3) some share of the outcome of improvement other than a salary. Owners get paid on profits/success and that will reinforce the risk-taking and personal sacrifice that it requires to meet the standards of “ownership mentality” My $.05.

    Keep up the good work.


  12. liana says:

    If every member in the organisation can adopt such a mentality, presto we have a really super organisation. Unfortunately this has to start with a great leader and great leaders we dont have many!

  13. Jeff Montague says:

    Excellent video and right on target. If a leader sets the example and practices the ideas you mention on a consistent basis its amazing how it then becomes contagious across an organization. When you show the way it inspires others to come along.


  14. Good explanation of ownership mentality, but need to know more about how to build it in employees. Sometimes told that when you have an owner with a strong personality (me for example) it actually deters ownership mentality. Might be an interesting future blog. How to encouarage ownership mentality when the owner exhibits it mightily! LOL

  15. johnspen says:

    Thank you all for such absolutely wonderful comments! I’m glad you found this video of value and I will continue to try to post videos that are meaningful and deliver good ideas. As always, I welcome your suggestions for topics to cover –and actually TJ – I could do a video on how to get employees to have more of an ownership mentality, but really to me it is based on two key things:

    1. Hiring for the right attitude – there is no class, book, seminar or coach on the face of the earth that can teach a person with a bad attitude to get excited and motivated about their job. I think we all know the saying: “hire for attitude and train for skills.” It is a really old cliché – but often times things become “old clichés” because they are so darn true.

    2. Support/information – it is impossible for an employee to have an ownership mentality if they don’t understand the business – so transparency, trust, delegation and the opportunity to excel are all critical components of fostering an ownership mentality within your team.

    It is one of my favorite business axioms:People without access to information do not have to take accountability for their actions.

    If an employee can look at you and say something like: “I didn’t know, nobody told me, I wasn’t included in that discussion, I’ve never seen that information…” Then it is darn near impossible to hold them accountable for something they didn’t understand or know about.

    On the other hand, if you freely shared information with your team, show them the numbers, teach them how the business works and show them clearly how their jobs specifically impacts the bottom line – then you’re in a position to hold them at a much higher level of accountability and expect them to act more like an owner – because they understand the business more like an owner would.

    Hope these additional comments helped a little bit – again thank you all so very, very much for your feedback and fantastic input.


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