Achieving Business Excellence with John Spence

How to Build a World-Class Career

I hope you found this video helpful and will send a link to everyone you know that you feel might benefit from the information I presented.

Thank you so very much for your continued help and support in letting people know about my blog. Take good care — John


  1. Great video blog, John. I was going to review your previous blogs for steps to building or improving a career. Thank you.

  2. Spencer Penhart says:

    What a terrific, fundamental posting for anyone at any professional level. If you are an executive, there are new ideas you can get from within any of the five areas. And if you are embarking on a new career, WOW, will this be impactful- I only wish I had this YEARS ago. Thanks for another awesome framework, John!

  3. John, thanks for a another great video blog. You certainly do have the gift of boiling ideas down to the most important roots. Many people over the last couple years have been challenged through circumstances to wonder just this — “what am I good at”. Everyone has something of value to add, finding it as you outline is the key.

  4. Mike Fleck says:


    Great site – glad I stumbled across today. I have to say as both an entrepreneur and having worked for others, you missed a key element – the responsibility of the company/owners/leaders for creating an environment that allows their employees to act like owners. There are two sides to that coin.

    Owners certainly display all of the characteristics you describe, but they are also free to act and free to make mistakes. In my experience, when there is a lack of ownership at the employee level it is in large part because the owners don’t allow a degree of freedom (“empowerment” seems to be the term de rigueur) that communicates, “we are all owners in this business.”

    Those restriction can quickly weed out the committed and capable, who simply find a better path, leaving the owner with followers – not owners.