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How do you build a 25 billion-dollar company? 


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  1. As always great information. I have heard you speak many times and I am sure you have said this before but this time it sank in…ensuring we have the best people… yet those people are not just our employees (who are obviously super important) they are everyone that surrounds our company as well as the companies we choose to support..something for me to assess.

  2. Great comments again John. I often speak to my clients about this and often get to hear about how difficult it is to find the right people. I then ask what training program they have in place for their employees and often it is a blank stare ….. no wonder they don’t get the same traction.

  3. Well, I am in a difficult situation. I just got a comment to this video from an individual that asked “Do farm workers count as people?” and then they gave several links to sites that were extremely critical of Publix. I have chosen not to post that comment or the links for three reasons.

    1. I do not know enough about the situation to have an educated opinion as to what is actually going on – and I do not have the time or personal motivation to do the level of research required on this specific topic (farm worker rights and conditions) to get fully up to speed – this is not an area of focus for me. Luckily it is for others – so there are people fighting for them.

    2. I have no idea as to the validity of the sites or the information posted on them – they are obviously representing some folks with very strong concerns and opinions. They could be spot on – or they could be horribly biased – I just don’t know.

    3. Although I welcome feedback on my ideas – I do not want to turn this post, or this blog, into a battle ground for political positions. I happen to like Publix quite a bit, I have gotten several emails from people that say that they LOVE Publix (that is a strong word to use for a supermarket) – yet I realize that there are people that do not like Publix – I respect that. They can shop wherever they like.

    This was a tough choice for me, I believe in freedom of speech, however, this blog is not a news channel – it represents my personal ideas – and I do not want to get dragged into this particular fight – I have enough of my own to focus on. I welcome your feedback on my decision.

  4. John Dufek says:

    Hello John, you handled the criticism about your views on Publix very well. If you didn’t get a few whiners, I would question the value of your expertise. Keep doing what you’re doing, my friend. You are a powerful source of encouragement for far more folks than you’ll probably ever know!

  5. Doug Hopkins says:

    We should all consider recent remarks by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI on this matter: “The economy doesn’t function with market self-regulation, but needs an ethical rationale to work for mankind.


    “Man must be at the center of the economy, and the economy cannot be measured only by maximization of profit but rather according to the common good.”

    I hope that continued emphasis on the development of business models which value the people within and without the organization succeeds in humanizing capitalism until the the the lives of workers in all parts of our economy are as truly pleasant as shopping at these superb Publix supermarkets.