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Two Ideas About Employee Engagement


  1. John,

    Excellent v-blog on Employee Engagement. It took me close to two years to convince the executive suite to weed out three negative field sales team members. We got fresh, enthusiastic blood and what a world of difference in everybody. Good stuff John. Keep it going.

    Rob Wilson

  2. John,

    Great ideas and thanks for all the good stuff that you post on your blog.

    I have one question on this topic: In current market conditions where employees may be having to work twice as much and without much of rewards, I see a third category of employees. These are great performers, they have had very good attitude but recently they are showing signs of burnout. They are not whining and are still delivering results, but their enthusiasm is lost somewhere. Should these employees be treated as the first category (reassure them) or the second category (get rid of them when a better alternative is available) , or do you have any other ideas ?

    Thanks again !


    • Category one — build them back up — take good care of them – give them your support… if they do NOT get re-energized and back up to form within a few months — then they slip into category two!