Achieving Business Excellence with John Spence

Personal Kaizen

I hope you enjoy this video, I think it has some extremely important ideas about what every person needs to do to create job security/career security in the face of even the most challenging economic times. If you find value in the ideas I share, please send a link on to your friends and colleagues so that as many people as possible can hear these suggestions. Thanks so much, I look forward to your feedback and comments – John



  1. Great material, John!!! Some great ideas flowing for me, after listening…

  2. This video really helped me.
    Thank You
    What you said is all true, stress of possibly losing my job is killing me, I need to step back re-evaluate, and keep moving foreward for me and my family.

    Thanks John,
    Daryl Szyska

  3. Jessica Perez says:

    Once again, you amaze! Simple yet powerful 8 minute guide to lead a more fulfilling personal and professional life…thank you John!

  4. Hi John,

    Great video. Definitely worth sharing, which I’m about to do.

    Thanks for all you do!


  5. thanks John
    great ideas! especially for people like me who dont like to read

  6. Yes once again you hit it on the head on so many subjects. I will be turning off the TV and turning on the brain at home at night reading and/or watching podcasts including the great TED.


  7. Brilliant. Powerful. You nailed it. I’m definitely sharing this!
    And congrats on your victories with being strong & fit – that’s one I really have to pay attention to as well – and worth the effort.

  8. Carl Rapp says:

    John, Great job. Refreshing. Practical, useful, common sense things that everyone can do today to stay mentally and professionally ahead of the curve. Although I have to add that the stat on reading always surprises and disappoints me. It’s a little surreal that it takes so little to be in the top 1% – in the world – for something so important. Doesn’t matter how old you are – anyone can learn something new – and should – regularly. READ AMERICA, READ. (or for you audio guys/gals) LISTEN AMERICA, LISTEN. Thanks.

  9. Marcia Bowen says:

    Hi John- great advice, as always! Thanks for bringing those points back to the forefront! We’re never too old to learn! Take Care!

  10. Bobby Villines says:


    Thanks for the advice. Recently read Tim Sanders, Today You Are Rich and found it a great help for improving one’s attitude. I have found sharing what I am reading and learning to be a very positive motivation for those I come into contact with. This has also helped me to get down the information I am learning.

    You discussed the % of people who read a business book in Awesomely Simple. Where is that statistic found?

  11. Thanks for all of the great comments!!! Bobby — I will have to go look that up — I have been using it for years — I thought it was a Gallup poll — but not sure.