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Tips for Small Business Excellence

Some great, quick tips from guest blogger – Bert Doerhoff

 Your business may be successful because it makes an excellent product, has excellent customer service or has excellent employees. No matter what it is that makes your business a success, it is not enough to make your business excellent. Excellence is something that is used to describe a business that not only succeeds in one area, but in all aspects of business.

Is your business excellent? If so, what makes it that way? If not, what changes, whether big or small, do you need to make to ensure you will reach excellence? Here are some tips collaborated from the Web that will help make your business truly excellent.

1. Foster an Open Environment.

Specifically, make sure your business promotes an open environment in which your employees feel comfortable sharing their opinions and knowledge.  More times than not, new employees have a lot of excellent things to say if they are given the opportunity.

Also, make sure the environment of your workspace has a balance between discipline and fun. Studies have shown that people are much more efficient when they take breaks. 

2. Expectations? Exceed them.

Small businesses that have the power to exceed both their own and their customers’ expectations are well on their way to becoming excellent.  If you do the bare minimum to meet your client’s needs, chances are they will not be raving about your product or services to others. Only when you go above and beyond a customer’s expectations do they truly view you as excellent.


3.  Outsource.

You can’t do it all. Outsourcing is one of the most important tips for small business owners. Consider hiring a firm that specializes in bookkeeping services. They can help fulfill your financial needs while you concentrate on maintaining and growing your business.

4. Enjoy the Little Things.

When something good happens, celebrate it.  Include all of your employees so everyone feels like they are part of something positive. This will make those who contributed to the accomplishment feel great about their hard work, and others will be inspired to work just as hard to achieve success. This is more important for the morale of your employees than you might think. After all, you know what they say about all work and no play, right?

5. Never Stop Improving.

If you think you are already excellent and have nothing more to achieve, the only direction for you is downward. Keep up the hard work and always ask yourself, where can my business be better?


“Bert Doerhoff, CPA and founder of Accubiz was chosen multiple times by CPA Digest for the “Digest 50 Award,” representing one of the top 50 CPA firms in the nation. He was also appointed to the Advisory Council to the Missouri Director of Revenue.”


  1. Another excellent blog, John, especially items 3&5!


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