Achieving Business Excellence with John Spence

Ode to Customer Service, a Business Poem…


I sit in the hotel restaurant, my iced tea is empty

The waitress fiddles to reset a table and spies my glass

We make eye contact…

I look at the glass

She looks at the glass

She goes back to setting the table

The game is afoot!


Care to offer your own business poem for this lovely Friday? The best business poem submitted wins a free copy of my book!!!


  1. Don Decker says:

    There once was a horrible boss
    who more often than not was quite cross.
    A yeller…a screamer;
    not much of a teamer.
    A profit? Oh no, just a loss.

  2. Don Decker says:

    A leader shines just like a star;
    his words are never hollow:
    He motivates with words of praise,
    so easy then to follow.

    Some say the greatest leaders
    are the moovers and the shakers:
    but wise men know that history
    is filled with great risk takers.

  3. Jean F says:

    Many years in business have taught me
    The customer is always right –
    Even when they aren’t.

    It’s easy (or at least possible) to find a way
    To accommodate requests,
    To provide quality service,
    To be there for your client.
    And then they’ll be there for you.


    Last flight in to a One Horse Town
    Working 14 hours & forgotten to eat
    Short of airline nibbles & boiled sweets
    My host greets me at the airport
    Then drops me at my motel for the night
    Too busy to include me in their busy plans

    Alone with the tele, tea bags & a bible
    No pizza delivery just a cookie for survival
    It’s pouring with rain and I don’t have a coat
    I’m not dressed for the occasion & still wearing my suit
    Make a dash into town with a motel umbrella
    Was told on the way in of a fish & chip fella

    Feel out of place as they are taking my order
    Dressed as a stranger in a most foreign land
    I concentrate hard at the wall photos of fish
    Pretending to be interested but I don’t really fit
    Imagining what the crowd of locals are whispering
    “Who’s the dick in the suit – he looks like he’s lost”

    Breathe a sigh of relief as my order is called
    I can run back to the safe place and space of my room
    But no the owner he insists we engage
    Despite having my money and I with my food
    He stuffs 3 x free chocolates into my hand
    “Where are you from & what brings you here” he enquires

    The food tasted great even though I don’t remember
    I found a new friend even though I did not get his name
    This man reached out even though he didn’t have to
    I am a raving fan even though I may never return
    I tell hundreds of people even though they don’t pay me
    This man read the play even though many wouldn’t