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Fitness Is the Root of All Success

Me in 2010 at 340 pounds - Yikes!!

Me in 2010 at 340 pounds – Yikes!!

This is a guest post from my very good friend Fitz Koehler, an absolutely amazing young lady and fantastic professional speaker. I could not have put this post up on my blog two years ago because it would have been incredibly inconsistent with my own personal life. Two years ago I weighed 340 pounds, today I weighed in at 255, just 15 pounds shy of my goal weight. Now I can say (with some level of credibility) that fitness is the root of all success, because if you’re sick, out of shape, severely overweight and taking terrible care of yourself… it is impossible to be successful and take good care of those around you. So please read Fitz’s blog and take her message to heart – I know that I did and it’s led to a wonderful and healthy change in my life. Thanks Fitz!!


Although you may have earned fancy degrees and conquered a variety of professional accomplishments, it’s possible your career could be even better if you upped your game in one vital category—fitness. Now, I am not suggesting that everyone must run marathons or do one-armed pullups, but I can tell you that statistically, fit professionals accomplish more, and that makes employers want to work with fit professionals! Here is a neat example: After implementing a corporate wellness program, Hewlett Packard experienced a 200% increase in the number of transactions conducted on a daily basis and a 50% reduction in overtime. HP’s dedication to their employees’ health and their employees’ willingness to make positive changes nearly doubled productivity.


Let’s talk about a few of the major benefits of being fit and healthy. Those who exercise often, eat wisely and get quality sleep:

• Are more energetic
• Are more productive
• Stress less
• Report clearer thinking
• Take fewer sick days
• Have better attitudes
• Give better first impressions
• Save the company from unnecessary health care costs


Of course, these are traits everyone wants to attain! Folks, fitness is not rocket science, and it is not as hard as it looks. Simple changes can yield benefits within a few days of getting started, and big changes come quickly, too. On the flip side, remaining unfit can really hold you back. Will you lose work because you are too tired to perform or an employer thinks you are unable to keep up? It would be a shame to limit your potential based on your fitness level. Fitness is something I know we all want—who doesn’t want to be healthy and fit? That is like asking, who doesn’t want to be a millionaire? Not many hands go up in response to either question.

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So, here is the simple science behind achieving this elusive concept we call fitness:
1. Achieve a healthy weight by eating wisely. The exact formula for weight loss and weight management is easy. Throw a zero on the end of your goal weight and consume no more than THAT amount of calories each day. Want to weigh 175 pounds? Then, do not take in more than 1,750 calories. Trust me, it works. Most of your calories should come from nutritious options like produce, lean proteins, lean dairy and whole grains. Cut out excess sugars, fats and processed foods as much as possible. You do not need to be perfect. Just aim high and keep track using an app like MyFitnessPal.

2. Move your body most days of the week—seriously. You probably spend 57 hours a week sitting at your desk, in a car or at a table for meals. Another 40 hours are spent lying in bed. I am confident you can force 20 to 60 minutes of movement into each day. FIND THE TIME, because it matters. I don’t care if you dance, swim, walk, run or hula-hoop. Just get up and get sweaty often.

3. Sleep! Yes, I just told you to move, but quality sleep counts just as much. Why? Tired people are too lazy to exercise, find excuses for eating junk food and rarely make good decisions. Remember, a healthy lifestyle inspires itself. When you exercise, you sleep better. When you sleep well, you are more willing to exercise. When you exercise, you are more inclined to make great choices with food. It is a cycle of goodness!


Working in wellness. Hopefully, I have you convinced that fitness is attainable and worthy of your efforts. Try these clever methods to ensure your plan jibes with your real life:


1. Plan for early morning or evening workouts. When this is not possible, schedule workouts into your workday. “Walk and Talk” meetings allow you to chat with colleagues while trekking around the block or within your building. Shut your door to do some push-ups, lunges or crunches in privacy.


2. Remember that travel in not an excuse to slack off. Every state in the USA and every country in the world has free sidewalks or paths for walking. Hotel gyms are commonplace, and those airport terminals are meant for roaming. Produce and lean proteins are also available everywhere. Show determination, ditch excuses and find a way to be successful! That is what elite professionals do.


3. Set goals, track your progress and repeat. Just like in business. You must know where you are going, what it takes to get there and how to track your progress. Becoming fit is no different. If you are having success, stay the course. If you are stagnant or going backward, reevaluate your plan and adjust.


Whether you believe it or not, your fitness level and lifestyle choices really do affect your work performance and others’ opinions of you. Have high standards for yourself, and your colleagues, bosses and potential partners will understand that you will exhibit the same high standards when it comes to your work.


Internationally renowned fitness expert Fitz Koehlerbrings to the podium more than 20 years of experience teaching around the globe, a master’s degree in Exercise and Sports Sciences, a truckload of passion and the masterful art of coercion. She likes to joke that she has a PhD in harassment, but the fact is, when Fitz talks, people respond! She speaks on a variety of health and fitnessrelated topics and can customize her message to fit your needs.

Increasing the overall fitness level of your organizations’ associates is the easiest way to boost productivity and morale while increasing your profits. Fitz is a proven speaker who leaves dramatic results in her wake. Her presentations are packed with solid information and provide powerful tools, which allow her audiences to make immediate changes to better their performance and their lives. Countless studies have proved that by improving your organization’s overall health, you will increase your profit margin. Ridding your organization of unnecessary sick days alone will boost your earnings. Fitz is an entertaining, yet potent speaker your audience can’t live (well) without!

Beyond corporate presentations, Fitz has been a featured speaker for universities, conferences, women’s groups, police and fire departments, churches, youth groups, physicians, senior centers, hospitals, health club chains and more. She is a weekly fixture on ABC news, is author of the Everything Flat Belly Cookbook and works in radio on a regular basis. She is comfortable with intimate meetings and has presented to audiences larger than 10,000. To inquire about hiring Fitz for your next event, visit or email


  1. I think that this is excellent information! I have been “fit” my entire life. Most people that meet me are surprised at how high my energy is. As a now remote employee I do find that I must schedule my workouts for early morning or by the end of the day I’m too tired or it just doesn’t get done. Congratulations John on your weight loss!

    • Thank you Montina — I am within striking distance from my first goal weight – to lose 100 pounds – then I will stay there for a while – and possibly drop a bit more. It has simply been a “lifestyle’ change – not a diet – and now it is just the way I live.

  2. GREAT Post Fitz and I couldn’t agree more. I am a time management nut so my workouts tend to be high intensity and short in duration but those 2 30 minute workouts each week add significantly to my ability to perform at a high level in other areas.
    Most importantly, I am deeply committed to fighting off my family “curse” of heart disease related death at an early age and walking my four beautiful daughters down the isle one day!