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Some Useful Resources for Business Learning

Here is a list of training, education and business research resources I use. Many of them are customizable where you can create your own page with specific areas of interest such as leadership, management, sales, social media, marketing… I have also listed a few of my favorite blogs and other learning resources. For many of these resources you simply need to get on them and browse around – look for the things that interest you – the areas you want to learn more about. It takes a short investment of time, but that investment can yield some really great resources that you can use for years and years to help you and your company stay ahead of the competition.

** Also, if you have a favorite resource that is not listed – PLEASE put it in comments section below so we can build a great resource list for everyone to use!  Thanks — John

Alltop: create a fully customized page with links to top blogs in your areas if interest – great resource, very robust. Free.

Prismatic: very similar to Alltop – great resource on small business topics. Free.

Udemy: a huge collection of training videos – many free – some a nominal charge (I have a business success channel here.

SkillShare: large selection of training videos on various business topics – most at a nominal fee.

Vimeo: a large collection of training videos, many for free, some at a nominal charge. I have a business Success Channel here with 25+ free videos.   and my FREE channel

You Tube: hundreds of thousands of videos on virtually any business topic. Once you find a video you like, subscribe to that channel. Many colleges and professional trainer have channels on You Tube. I also have a You Tube channel with the same videos as my Vimeo channel. Here is a link directly to that page:

TED: amazing videos on various topics from top thinkers in the world. Very inspirational – some potentially life-changing! Free.

i-Tunes: go immediately to i-Tunes and look at i-Tunes U – a HUGE collection of audio download from top business schools and business thinkers in the world. You can download audio files on every conceivable business topic – from the top colleges in the world – for FREE!!! There is NO excuse not to use this resource – turn your car into a rolling university – truly amazing!! ALSO – at i-Tunes you can go to the “Podcast” section and there are hundreds of podcasts on leadership, sales, management, social media, marketing… all for FREE!!!!!!!!

Audible / Audio Books / Get Abstract:  if you like audio books or brief PDFs these are three fantastic resources. They are a bit expensive – but I will tell you they are worth every penny (if you use them). I have subscribed to all of them – and they are powerful for keeping up with the latest in business ideas.


Brain Pickings: Very intellectual, interesting ideas, a site that makes you think and deliver unique content. Free.

BIG Think:  much like Brain Picking – but much more business focused – also has some superb videos from top business thought leaders. Very helpful site.

SlideShare: hundreds of thousands of slide decks and presentations submitted from people all over the world. Great resources for information, ideas and learning how to make better slides. All of my slide decks and workbooks are loaded on this site. Free.

Harvard Business Review:  thousands of articles, blogs, books and videos on every imaginable business topic (usually focused on large corporations and multinationals – but still has great ideas for any size business). A great resource for downloading PDFs of key articles. Most articles cost about $9.

Strategy + Business: very much like the Harvard Business Review, superb articles written by top thought leaders of various business topics. Some free, nominal charge for downloading PDFs.

Small Business Trends: great website with lots of very helpful information.

American Express OPEN:  you will have to join the “OPEN Forum” – it is free – than there are some great resources, blogs and videos.



Shep Hyken: has some great ideas on customer service.

Mitch Joel: superb blog with great business and marketing ideas. He has awesome audio interviews you can download for free. Really bright guy.

Lolly Daskal: insightful ideas and motivational quotes.

Guy Kawasaki: Atop internet thought leader, GREAT guy, always has neat ideas and information.

Gary Vaynerchuk: a wild man with wild ideas – but also VERY good ideas — has a lot of videos on his site – fun to watch – always giving good, REAL advice.

Chris Brogan: one of the top bloggers on the internet, a top thought leader in marketing. Writes some very interesting things.

Seth Godin: a top- thought leader in marketing, says lots of profound and provocative things – always interesting.

S. Anthony Iannarino: fantastic information on sales and general business topics. Has some fantastic audio interviews for free download.

Jack Malcolm: focuses a lot on sales and presentations skills. Brilliant guy, very thought provoking ideas. One of my favorite blogs.

Frank Sonnenberg: superb leadership and business ideas – an excellent thinker – great content. His book, “Managing with a Conscience” is one of my all-time favorites!

Wally Bock: recognized as a top leadership blogger. Serious thinker, sound ideas and advice.

John Jantsch: a good friend and great marketing thought leader. His blog is absolutely superb, always has fantastic business, referral and marketing ideas.

Peter Shankman: just a damn smart guy, great business ideas, his blog is superb.  His books are superb as well – especially “Nice Companies Finish First.”


These are by NO means all of the resources available, these are just the ones I use regularly. Please, please feel free to add more to the list if you honestly feel they deliver superior ideas and information.


  1. Great blog for employee development, engagement, social learning, knowledge sharing and learning It is also possible to contribute there just look for ”Write for us” tab.

  2. I’m a big fan of CreativeLive – originally created for photographers, but now expanded into into business, life, and everything else you can imagine. John – you might look into this one day!

    Also Ramit Sethi’s blog and emails have been a help for me as a solo entrepreneur still only a few years into the game.

    This is a great list – thank you, John!