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Every Business is in the TRUST Business

Seth-GodinWhile flying to Boston today I was listening to the Dave Ramsey EntreLeadership  podcast (absolutely fantastic ) and his guest was Seth Godin.   I have to be very honest and say I am a big  Seth Godin fan and  I was extremely impressed with his comments on marketing and sales during the podcast. One comment he made struck me especially hard and it was that your customers pay you in three ways:




Seth went on to say that trust is really the most important one because, as a customer, if you violate the trust I have extended to you then I will feel like I paid too much money and I will never refer you. But, if you build and sustain STRONG trust with me, then price is not that important to me and I will gladly refer you to everyone I know!


In other words…

Every business is in the TRUST business!!


Let that sink in for a minute or two…


It reminds me of what my good friend Tim Sanders said in his wonderful book, Love is the Killer App, that the key to building a successful career is KNL.

Knowledge – you have to be VERY good at something that is highly valuable in the marketplace.

Network – a lot of right (well-connected) people need to know that about you.

Love – and they also need to know you’re an honest, high-integrity person of love.

If the right people know that you are uber-talented at something that is highly valuable and you are also 100% honest, kind and loving …you have a VERY strong foundation for success.

So a few extremely important questions you need to ask yourself at the end of every day are:

What did I learn today?

Who did I meet today?

Did I live my values, tell the truth and build more trust today?

I think if you focus on those three questions, you will be spending time on high-value activities and building a superb platform for business and life success…and I can say that with great conviction because it is exactly what I have based my business on for nearly 20 years!

I hope you found this blog of value and share it with your network – thanks — John


  1. Simple yet profoundly true. Trust is everything. When you love what you do and would do it regardless of how much money you make, people notice. The neat thing is that you are remembered as having extreme value and are able to get what your worth. Thanks again for the awesomely simply reminder JS.

  2. So true John. Too bad so few companies recognize the link between high levels of trust and good business.