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An Excellent “Ideal Leader” Model from Millennium Bank

Millennium Bank is a fantastic local bank here in Gainesville, Florida. It is run by a gentleman named Andy Williams, one of the nicest people I have ever met in my life and a dedicated leader of this organization. I recently had the opportunity to work with Andy and his entire group of bank officers to help them more clearly define the skills, attitudes and behaviors of an “ideal” leader at their bank. I have done this same exercise with hundreds of senior management teams and I think the list that the team from Millennium developed is highly representative of what nearly any person would look for in a leader they would willingly follow.

Millennium Bank Ideal Leader Model

Clear, well communicated vision that is focused on the future of the bank (branch, department, team…), supported by a specific and measurable plan to get there.

Seeking personal and professional development toward a goal of self-mastery. Values high levels of competence in others and is actively working to help attract top talent to the bank.

Superb Communication
Open, honest and robust communication. Good listener, empathetic, conscience of how messages are delivered, gives positive feedback and actively seeks frank feedback.

The Courage of Accountability
High standards of both personal and mutual accountability. Keeps themselves and others focused on the “Main Things.”

Lead by Example
Be a Role Model. Live the values with integrity. Personally accountable, passionate, inspiring and having FUN.

Performance Oriented Culture
A culture of “Prudent Urgency” in making quick decisions and working diligently toward accomplishing goals.



An impressive list from a great bank – definitely worth giving some thought to.