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Words of Wisdom

Last week I posted what I felt might have been the most important blog I have ever written. It was entitled “Keys to Success in Business and Life.” This morning I came across a video that really spoke to me and echoed the ideas I shared with you in that blog. This video is about Wisdom – with a capital “W.” It is a moving and poignant piece that really demands you take a few minutes to listen, watch and reflect.  After you view the video, I have pasted in the key ideas from last week’s blog below it so that you can reflect on those words of wisdom as well. 


Words of Wisdom



Keys to Success in Business and Life

  • Attitude is everything. Be positive, optimistic, engaging, spirited and happy. People like to be around happy people.
  • Build your house on a solid rock of education. Be a dedicated lifelong learner. Be curious. Ask lots of questions. Be an absolutely superb listener.
  • Take a risk, try something new. Life is a bold adventure or nothing at all.
  • Your integrity and your reputation are all you have, guard them carefully.
  • Surround yourself with smart, values-driven and caring friends, and then don’t be afraid to ask for, and give them, lots of help.
  • To be truly successful in life, find something you are passionate about and follow it with gusto.
  • Take good care of yourself. Health, vibrancy and vitality are essential for a long, happy and successful life.
  • There is more opportunity than you could possibly imagine, but you have to go look for it.
  • Lasting success does not come from chance, fate or good luck. Be well prepared, have a plan, set clear goals and remain focused on them regardless of circumstances or difficulties.
  • No success is ever achieved without diligence, hard work and unrelenting persistence in the face of inevitable challenges and failures.
  • Be kind and fair. Stay humble. Treat everyone with respect. Give back, help others, help your community.

As always – I very much welcome your feedback and comments, and please pass a link to this blog on to everyone you feel might enjoy the video and the list. Here is the link:

Hoped that helped – John


  1. My face had a smile all the way through this but so did my heart and my mind. Beautifully presented. Encouraging that it makes getting older something to be embraced and not fought.
    It’s coming, like it or not. Might as well like it!

  2. Well put my friend, well put.

  3. John,

    I could never stop being reminded of these bullets you have put into your recent blogs. Thank you once again for reminding us what is important. The last one should be moved up because if you do all of those things then many of the others will follow.
    Best Wishes

  4. Thanks Rick == and I agree!

  5. Love it, John.

    I particularly liked the “Inspiration is for amateurs/wisdom is getting important things done” quote and the idea of making decisions based on how it will impact the group 7 generations on down the line. Wisdom as love/postive regard/empathy also resonates with me as true (I realize as I write that it’s easy to be “inspired” by the idea of love/regard/empathy as wisdom – but inpiration is for amateurs, the wise just get it done;)

    Fantastic video, John – thanks for sharing it. Hope you and the team are dong well!

  6. Oveta Popjoy says:

    Thank you so much for the video on words of wisdom.

  7. Great video! If we can all take something away from this post, then we will all be inevitably better off. Though we have not met yet John, I am extremely glad to have found your blog. Keep putting out content like this, we love it.


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