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Tom Peters’ Newest Book… ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I admit it… I am an unrepentant Tom Peters fanatic and have been for 20+ years. But even with that said, there have been a few (very few) of Tom’s books that I felt were…uh… “Less-than-excellent”(small “e”).  So it was with a bit of trepidation that I sat down to read his newest book: “The Little BIG Things – 163 Ways to Pursue EXCELLENCE.”

At 507 pages of main text, it is a significant commitment for many readers to undertake the study of this weighty tome… but I promise you it is worth every single page of it! I read it cover-to-cover (twice) in the span of two days of flying to meet with clients. I simply could NOT put it down, as I was greedy to get to the next page of TP wisdom and wise-cracking.

If you are a Tom Peters devote’ you will recognize much (nearly all) of what this book contains… and that is just fine.  It is filled with a relentless parade of “Tom Peters’ Greatest Hits” that keep slapping you in the face and pushing you to think, adjust, change and take action. If you are a business leader of ANY kind – you MUST read this book. I absolutely guarantee that you will find not one… not two… but 20 or 30 game-changing ideas that could truly take your business and your career to a completely new level. As Tom readily admits, a great deal of what is in this book is just plain common sense (very much like my book: Awesomely Simple) but common sense is not always “common practice” in many businesses and this book is jam-packed with incredibly powerful ideas and suggestions that far too many of us simply forget to do. If you read this book carefully, with an earnest desire to make your business better, there is no way you could ever be dissappointed.

As someone who has read a minimum of 100 – 120 business books a year, every year since 1989, (and it all started with In Search Of Excellence) I will tell you with NO hesitation that “The Little BIG Things” is now in my top 5 all-time favorites. YES – it is that good!

Mr. Peters… this one is a complete home run!!!!!!!!!