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A "Must Read" on How to Distinguish Yourself

As most of you know, I am a fanatic reader, and typically get through 10 to 12 books a month as well as several audio books, white papers, magazines, blogs and research reports. Although the great majority of that reading is on strategy, leadership and high-performance teams, I also read a lot of career, self-help, and “personal branding” information as well.  Last week I was visiting one of my very favorite websites called and found an absolutely wonderful manifesto entitled…

 25 Ways to Distinguish Yourself 

I was super impressed with the content and felt that this article offered some really superb advice, so I have attached a direct link to the PDF for you to review (just click on the picture or the title). I also wanted to send this maifesto to you becuase I think it is one you’ll probably want to send on to several of your friends and colleagues too, as it is full of great information we all need to focus on.

Also, I wrote two manifestos for this site as well. The first is called Achieving Business Excllence and the second is called Below C-Level Strategy, which eventually became my new book “Awesomely Simple.”  I have attached links to both of those too.

Hope you find this helpful – take good care – John  




  1. Derek Lewis says:

    John, I love this kind of material. I always find it inspiring – please keep passing it on!