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Dealing With CHANGE

About this time last year (Oct 2009) a client of mine in the health care industry asked me to put together a short video on “How to Deal With Change” that they could send around to their nearly 7,000 employees to give them some good, solid information on how to navigate these challenging times and successfully adjust to the “New Normal.”

In the just this past week I have worked with various companies across the country – and it seems that the pace of change still remains very high, with several of these companies entering another round of massive change… UGH!  So I thought this might be a good time to share this video on my blog. It is very information intensive and was specifically put together for an organization that has a “traditional” culture and was experiencing a lot of fear about the changes to their industry, their organization… and especially their careers.  I truly hope you find this video helpful.

Please send this link — or tweet it — to anyone you feel would find value in watching this video on change management. Thanks – take good care — John


  1. I can never get the Vimeos to run on my computer. Advice?

  2. Very interesting stuff, John!

    What stuck out to me most in this fantastic presentation was the idea of promoting hunger for (rather than simple “toleration” of) change. Like you, I think promoting this hunger is related to moving through the stages of negative change rapidly (or skipping them altogether by changing one’s perception of change).

    It’s been my experience that genuine hunger for change can be facilitated by promoting a flexible perception of what “negative” is, so I also appreciated your focusing on how expectations can be related to hunger (vs. fear, denial, blame, etc.). I think helping people cultivate awareness of how to match expectations with reality (i.e., that things constantly change) is a huge step to helping us all stay in touch with what is really happening within us and in the world (rather than spending valuable energy attempting to maintain perceptions rooted in denial ).

    Once again, fantastic presentation, John – I really appreciate your sharing this! I’ll be sending this along to a lot of people dealing with the ramifications of perceiving change as negative or failing to understand the constancy of change. Hope all is well!

  3. Great stuff! I enjoyed your presentation and the information is right on. Mission is often working with execuives to be “change agents”. To provide a realistic vision or view of what things can and will look like if we all get on the same mission (like your DuPont example).
    Good work John. Congratulations.

  4. Tess Yagecic says:

    Thanks John! I know this will help me, and I can’t wait to forward to friends.

  5. This was insightful and informative but more than that it makes the point that we create our own opportunities. When we get that it’s our own limiting thoughts that rob us of our greatness, we can let then let that ridiculousness go, and step into what we are really capable of. I work with my clients on this issue endlessly. It is who we can be in the “face of change” that has us knowing who we are are. It is CHANGE itself that allows each of us to GROW to our full potential. Self-actualization.

    As always, in gratitude,
    — Isabell

  6. John, this is great stuff. It is so important to know where you are going so that you can set the strategies to achieve them. My clients are always reminded about their destination and how their current actions are impacting on that destination. Your point that change is a constant is so important for business owners to understand that it needs to be shouted from the rooftops.
    Great stuff.

    • johnspen says:

      Thanks for the kind words Tibor — I am glad you found value in the video!

  7. Joe Geiser says:

    The video on How to Deal With Change does not open for me. Do you have another link?

  8. John, great stuff. Can you make the slide deck available (or point me to where you’ve already done that)?

  9. Jakob says:

    Excellent. Both format and content! Thanks!

  10. John,
    Good video with lots of great information.
    I managed the communications for a major change in a company.
    I did this by executing the following;
    Discussed what the change was about and why it was needed. What it meant to the company. Then tailored individual discussions as to what it means to you and how it will impact you in a positive way.
    Then once the project was given the green light I discussed the timeline of events and how it would impact everyone and what they could do to minimize the impact.
    I discussed the progress of each step.
    I always reiterated the reason for it and the benefits of it.
    In the end I lost 1 employee who could see their future in the change.

    The project started out to bring 2/3 manufacturing back to the home office. As we were developing the plan it turned into also including how we did business with internal customers, then vendor/suppliers, then external customers. The project turned into a very major change.
    The results; our stock rose to the top 20 in the state and we won the SHINGO Award for Excellence in Manufacturing.

    I think communications is the major key to having change accepted. However, number one is to have the complete buy in buy top management. If they do not buy in all the communications in the world will not help.

  11. Great presentation. I’ve been here twice and nothing change, always providing valuable information – for free.


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