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Two New Videos: Branding & Impatient Customers

This first video is in response to a request from my good friend Hiro who asked me to recommend a few of my favorite books on branding. Hiro and his business partner Song run two amazing sushi restaurants in Florida, Dragonfly Sushi and Sake Company, and he is getting ready to update the brand on those wonderful restaurants and the franchise idea he has called Rolls ‘n Bowls. So here are six books that I think are superb for helping you build a stronger brand… 

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About a week ago another very good friend of mine, John Mitchell, who owns John Isaac Clothing and makes all of my suits and custom clothes asked for my best advice on how to handle… Impatient Customers! Many of the items that John sells take several weeks to make, in a world where people expect to get what they bought NOW!!! So here are two ideas I have about how to handle customers who want things immediately. However, I very much welcome your input and additional ideas on this topic, it would be wonderful to get a nice conversation started around how to give superior customer  service to an age of consumers that demand immediate satisfaction.

I encourage your comments, feedback and suggestions on these two videos. What are the best books you have ever read on branding and marketing? What are your very best ideas for how to handle an impatient customer… the client that wants something yesterday?

Thanks so much for taking a moment to watch these videos, and as always if there is anyone you feel that would find value in the ideas I’ve shared here please pass along the link so we can get them involved in the conversation.

Have a fantastic day, John Spence




  1. John Mitchell says:

    Thanks John, that was awesome.

  2. Lots of great ones on my to read list, but I’m currently reading Brandwashed. I give it a double thumbs up!

  3. John:

    Really enjoying your blogs, videos – and even your book, as I’m about halfway through it. Keep it up!

    My company produces custom t-shirts and embroidered apparel for large organizations and companies throughout the US. Every job is custom, as they have their own unique parameters…and we often deal with impatient customers and unrealistic deadlines. What makes it all happen for us is deploying a culture of execution where everyone in the company operates as a team. You have to hustle internally.

    An important tool however is to have effective communication with the customer on the process, and promote the understanding of what’s needed to meet THEIR expectations. If they give you incomplete information or take too long to approve the artwork, it’s our job to follow up and gently push them forward towards the goal that meets our production timeline.

    Thanks John!


    • Marshall — I am very familiar with your industry — “I need 500 customer shirts… by Friday… and they better be perfect… and I do not have any artwork!!” You have added some excellent comments and ideas — MUCH appreciated. Thanks — John

  4. Ruchira Modi says:

    Thanks John for insightful vlogs. I am reading The Innovation secrets of Steve Jobs by Carmine Gallo. Really good book, building on 5 fundamentals of innovations in business, which also pertains to building your brand. The best point I liked in the book is “Sell dreams,not products”

    I am working on an edTech start-up with my husband and all the insightful comments in your blogs are very helpful.


  5. Hi. John, thanks for doing that. I didn’t expect you do go online and actually record the recommendation but I guess that’s what truly separates you from the many experts in your field. You actually live what you say. “Exceeding expectations”.

    In the second video where you mention “UPOD” (under promise and over deliver), this is great. People love surprises and when we get more than what we expect, our brain actually releases a chemical that makes us feel really good. Also about “Repositioning” trying to look at the product from a very different perspective really works. With that said, this requires a deal of control in your thought process. There’s a great book, that I just finished reading called, “Your Brain at Work, by David Rock”. Explains ways to increase your brain function and ways to tap into your potential.

    Finally thank you for your great book recommendations on Branding. I’ll pick a few of them up this weekend. Marty Neumeier has written two short books that talks about how to build a “Charismatic Brand” – brands that people feel is essential to live their lives. Many branding books talk about Strategy and Creative approach, this unites them both.


  6. Doug Hopkins says:

    John, you have hit upon a phenomenon which explains why our initial impatience can be redirected to produce greater customer satisfaction. Even the most tech-addled consumer knows that the greatest joys derive from the long simmered and personal aspects of our lives and not from the most immediate. The provider of goods and services must link the customer’s own parameters and preferences to the unique and surprising effect of the finished product, honestly acknowledging the serendipitous effect of their input.

    Customers make a difference and their creative input in the form of wants and dislikes provides the structure which makes the experience meaningful.

  7. Hi John, If you have not read “just listen” by Mark Goulston, then I certainly recommend it for communication.