Achieving Business Excellence with John Spence

VOC + MOT + WOM = Success

Here is a video from my Udemy Lecture Series with some key ideas I feel will truly help your business. Please share the link with anyone you think might find value in these ideas…



  1. John: Lots of really good points in this video. Not sure if you are familiar with BNI but this organization is built around referral business. I have sent your blog post to Ivan Misner who started BNI.

    Gainesville has two group and I am part of the Thursday morning group. If you would like to learn more, you are welcome to come as a visitor. Most all of your points in this video are part of the “Givers Gain” philosophy of BNI.

    Keep motivating us! Stephen

  2. John – Saw you in Orlando and thought you were great. Recommending you to the NAHAD board in the hopes they will contact you about speaking at our yearly convention.


  3. Hey John,

    Thanks for covering this material in you talk at GACAR the other day! It’s got me tweaking (again) some of our processes – great stuff 🙂