Achieving Business Excellence with John Spence

Key Elements of a Winning Culture


  1. Bob Guerriere says:

    Great video John. Awesomely simple and right to the heart of the topic as you do so well.

  2. Bill Dellecker says:


    As usual, you are right on point with timely advice! I firmly believe that “Culture Requires Cultivation” and this video blog offers actionable insights on how to approach this process. Thank you!


  3. freddie says:

    right on.

  4. Coleman says:

    Great Video!!! Thank you for all of the great information that you give all of the time.

  5. nice work again bro!

  6. Hirofumi says:

    Thanks John. “Ambiguity Breeds Mediocrity.” This applies to everyone in the organization and especially to the ones that are the closest to us. Can not blame anyone but ourselves.

    Much Appreciated!

  7. Good Stuff!!!

  8. Great post John!

    I had the privilege recently of working with a company that offers great evidence for what you said about attracting and retaining top talent by building a great culture – Next Jump.

    Next Jump has a culture that makes Google look “OK”. The result? They have a 0.2% hire rate (35 hires for 18,000 applications last year), they get the #1 grads from all the top IT schools on the East Coast, and they have almost zero turnover despite the fact that their employees get offers from competitors for 3X their Next Jump salary (the NextJumpers usually don’t even return the phone calls).

  9. Hi John, Excellent thoughts again and I will be opening up most of my client sessions with this this week. Keep this quality thinking coming it is changing the world for so many. Far more than you know. Regards Deon

  10. martin bates says:

    helpful insights (as always!)
    clarity vs ambiguity is a really powerful message and firmly believe the role of an organisation and leadership is to continuously keep simple and aligned


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