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Are You A Smart Leader?


As is my practice, I only write a blog when I feel I have something of real value to offer. Today I’d like to share with you a fantastic article that my good friend Stephen Lynch wrote about being a smart leader. I’m going to give you the link to go over to his site in a moment but let me share a few ideas with you first.

I think Stephen makes several very crucial observations about what it takes to successfully lead a company. The first one is about clarity, and he offers superb quotes from Jeff Immelt of GE and management guru Peter Drucker, please read their quotes carefully. Stephen then points out what I believe is one of the most important abilities of a great strategic leader, the ability to figure out what to say “NO” to, or as Peter Drucker calls it, “purposeful abandonment.”

I have worked with several organizations recently where I conducted an organizational effectiveness audit and discovered that by far one of the biggest issues that every employee complained about was not having enough time to complete all of the priorities that were put before them. Great leaders understand that there is no such thing as 25 priorities, and they have the courage to say no to anything that does not add real value to the marketplace and advance the strategy of the organization.

On a similar note, they also understand how to say no to things where THEY do not add value, thereby focusing their time, energy and personal resources in the areas where they are the ONLY one who can add the most value, delegating everything else away or simply “purposefully abandoning it.”


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