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Three More GREAT Books!

In this video I recommend three great business books that cover the topics of branding, creativity and innovation. These are excellent books that will give you superb business ideas and expose you to some of the dramatic disruptive innovations that will impact all of us over the next decade. I hope you find value in these recommendations and share this video with anyone you feel might want to read one of these fantastic books.


The Brand Flip will not be in full release until August, but you can pre-order it here – which I highly suggest!! Just click on any of the books and it will take you to that book on Amazon.

Click below to find out more about the webinar, I promise it will be highly valuable.




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  1. Alex Beauroyre says:

    Hello John
    It has been a long time since I first got in touch with you, 2010 right after I read your book, Awesomely Simple . Ever since then, I became a follower of your ideas, blogs and have read most of the top 50 books that you recommend. In this last video, you mentioned your new book that talks about referrals and prospecting. It is a great topic and I believe it was last year that you mentioned that you were working on this book. Is it already available?
    Thank you for getting back to me.
    Take care

    • Alex – so glad you enjoyed my book and all of the others you have read – very impressive! I am just finishing my new book – still has to be edited and such – I am guessing it will be out around October. Do not worry – I will splatter it all over my blog and social media when I get it completed – and i would be happy to send you a signed copy!