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The Five Keys to Business Success in 2016

year-red-white-background-d-rendered-image-36767974At the beginning of each year a lot of us look for inspiration on how to take our business to the next level over the coming 12 months. In past years I put together special videos outlining what I believed it would take to make the next year in your business one of the best years ever. This year, I simply want to reiterate what I believe are some of the most powerful business success ideas I have ever learned. Below is my video on the “The Five Fundamentals of Business Success,” this is a class I have taught all over the world to every type of business from mom-and-pop shops and startups to companies in the Fortune 10. I created this particular video in December of 2014 after a speaking tour of the Netherlands with the Entrepreneurs Organization. I truly believe that if you will watch this video and apply the ideas I share with you, it will have a dramatic positive impact on your business success in 2016.

*** If you found value in the video please send it to everyone in your network so we can help them too! Thank very, very much – John





  1. Excellent!!
    I am looking forward to the webinar.



  2. Barry Hall says:

    Hi John,
    Great video. As usual you deliver everything in a positive and very friendly way, I want to thank you for everything you send me and I hope 2016 goes well beyond YOUR EXPECTATIONS!
    Best regards

  3. John,

    thanks so much for this. Looking forward to the webinar! May not be able to do the live one because of time zone issues (I’m in Australia) but will definitely watch the recorded version as soon as possible…. while I have you just letting you know the registration form would not accept my Australian phone number as valid, so had to use a fake US format one instead (234-235-5678).

    Thanks again 🙂


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