Achieving Business Excellence with John Spence

How To Get More Referrals


  1. Million Dollar Bill Collier says:

    This is GREAT Advice. I love that it is simple. We look past the simple so often even though it works and works well.
    Thanks A Million

  2. Great video John. I think the title sells it short though. This is about much more than referals. There are great messages in here for anyone who wants to improve themselves, including the young up and comers in our businesses. Work hard, study the masters, be deserving of any credit you get, not just good at selling yourself.

    ‘Be so good they can’t ignore you’. Love it. Thanks John.

  3. Being remarkable is certainly a prereq, but beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, and trying to imitate someone else causes a seller to lose their authenticity. Many people miss the second part which is to ask and leverage. Reference selling is a close cousin to word of mouth referrals, or social referrals. Back in 2014 I saw a great presentation by Emmanuelle Skala at the Sales Hacker convention in Boston. Emmanuelle spoke on the fundamentals of turning a successful customer experience into a reference/referral, into a pipeline. She called it surround selling. Far too many stop after shipment, and never unlock the network of leads behind a happy customer.

    • David, excellent feedback, let me clarify one point – I did not mean you should COPY the best – I was suggesting you should learn from them – but always stay true to yourself – 100% authentic. Thank you for pointing that out!!

  4. “Be so good they can’t ignore you”-solid gold. Imitation of the best is a modern day version of apprenticeship. Mimick the master until you become a master in your own right.

  5. Chad Sorenson says:

    Another great video John! This ties in so well with the three watchwords you ended with in Awesomely Simple – focus, discipline and action. We need to focus on the best of the best, have the discipline to keep up with it, and finally act on it by being better than everyone else. Looking forward to hearing more, and reading the new book!

  6. Barry Hall says:

    Thanks John, as usual great advise I would recommend you anytime.

  7. GREAT GREAT advise John….
    Your wisdom and energy are infectious. I can’t wait to share this with my sales team and have a group discussion on how to better our sales efforts!

  8. Geoff Riddle says:

    One of America’s Top 100 though leaders? Where’s the (t) ?