Achieving Business Excellence with John Spence

6 Key Business Ideas to Help You Succeed in 2017

Mercedes, John, Sheila, Esther

Mercedes, John, Sheila, Esther

On behalf of myself, my wife and business partner, Sheila Spence, our Operations Manager, Mercedes Petrus and our Financial Manager, Esther Mallard – thank you VERY much to all of our clients from 2016 for trusting us to be involved in your businesses.


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  1. John,

    Outstanding video on the 6 key business ideas.

    I liked # 1 triple down on talent, I have found that most companies are not hiring correctly and really need to focus on core competencies and attributes of the person and continue to help the people learn and grow. This feeds write into # 6 around our changing world of technolgy

    I particularly like # 5 on when setting strategy- and your new formula Agile strategy + LTV X disciplined execution. I am going to present this at my next board meeting at the not for profit I am the board president ( Koinonia).

    It was a pleasure to meet you at the SalesHacker/ event in NY, my key question for you– what can companies do to play the infinite game of business? I am still looking for a video of his entire talk.

    Look forward to building on what we started.

    Be grateful and generous.
    David Leaver

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the video David. I liked Simon’s talk the event, and from my take on his comments the key idea is to never have a final goal, to pursue continuous improvement, increasingly adding value, playing to move towards perfection not towards “winning.” Truthfully, I suggest you send a note to Simon, I too would be interested to hear him talk more about this concept. I hope the 2017 is a great year for you – John

  2. John:

    Another great video blog that leaves us with plenty to think about and some great ideas to implement. Thank you for sharing your observations and insights. Happy New Year!