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Four Life-Changing Books

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  1. Here is a link to the top 60+ business and self-help books I have ever read, I hope you find this list very helpful!! John

  2. Andy Haste says:

    Great Book:
    Living Forward
    by Michael Hyatt and Daniel Harkavy

  3. Thanks John. I am picking up the books you recommended. AND You have my vote. Below are books that has had a great impact on my life are as follows.
    Excuses Begone – Wayne Dyer
    Ask and it is Given – Esther & Jerry Hicks
    Creating a Bug Free Mind / Using a Bug Free Mind – Andy Shaw
    The One Thing – Gary Keller
    The Perfect Day Formula – Craig Ballantyne
    and currently reading – The Miracle Morning for Salespeople – Hal Elrod

  4. Coleen says:

    Success through PMA by Napolean Hill & Clement Stone

  5. “Profit First”. Biggest game changing book I read last year. I implemented his strategies and I now have money in the bank. I’m not fretting at tax time either.

  6. David Mitchell says:

    John, thanks for sharing. Rest assured you’ve got my vote.

    A great book for business, Team of Teams by General Stanley McChrystal – He cut through a lot of what I’ll call the race to the bottom mentality when focused only on efficiency. In today’s highly networked global marketplace, people matter, communication matters, and leadership matters more than ever. If you don’t have time to read it, check out some of the generals videos on YT.

    Second, the How I build this Podcast series by NPR. – Interviews with some fascinating entrepreneurs. A rare chance to set inside their minds and understand their thoughts. For example, a comment that stuck with me from Yvon Chouinard was, “The greatest product of our company should be our children.” Or Tony Hsieh who spoke of living for experiences, not things. Very well done.

  7. Added a nomination for your name for the Thinkers 50. All the best!

  8. Ideas in to practice… 11/10 for you John and it was my great pleasure to vote for you on the Top 50 sight. Thoroughly well deserved but secretly hoping you don’t win, lest your day rates go up and you get harder to book then now!!! Well done my good man

  9. Michal Petras says:

    I always enjoy to hear from you John.
    I love your recommendations of books.
    It has an enormous influence on me.

    “How to win friends and influence people, Dale Carnegie” – This is like a bible for anyone to learn people’s skills, leadership and management.

    I know what to do, Why don’t I do it ?, Nick Hall PH.D.- Simply explained why.

  10. Mitch Dodd says:

    I really enjoyed both the Happiness Advantage and Before Happiness by Shawn Achor.

  11. Bryan Moore (Gamma Alpha) says:

    If you get the chance and if you aren’t familiar with him yet, you need to check out Dr. Eric Thomas. You can find him on YouTube, Amazon Music, etc. Thanks for the content you bring to me on a regular basis and I always look forward to seeing your material when it comes out. Take care & God Bless!