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Google Research on Key Habits of Top Managers and Leaders

Here is some really powerful information on what it takes to be a highly effective manager and leader. It is based on a Google research project that looked at 10,000 of their top employees. I urge you to take a few minutes to watch the video – I think you will find it very helpful.

Also, please share this video with anyone you feel would find value in the ideas I cover, I believe these concepts can help a lot of people to be more successful.  Thank you very much – John

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  1. John – I really like your ideas and suggestions. You have a great handle on common sense for business, that we all need to hear . Thank you

  2. Xavier says:

    Great post, John, as usual. I love that Google as a trendsetter sees Coaching as a fundamental part of Managing and Leading these days. By bringing coaching to a call center i was the director of, with 50% less in manning, we managed to break all records and exceed the same period the year before by at least 30% every single KPI. That is the power of coaching and i urge managers and leaders to add this critical skill to their toolbox that is adaptable to all generations and that will foster a future with more Conscious Leadership.

  3. Great reminder on how things should be done. I often “think” I am doing things the “right” way but, watching this and thinking hard on what I am doing and need to do is very telling. Great post again John. Thanks!


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