Achieving Business Excellence with John Spence

Why Should I Worry About This?

Here is an idea that I believe can make a dramatic positive impact in your life if you apply it!

I hope you found this video helpful and that you will share it with anyone you feel would find value in the ideas I shared .

Thanks – John


  1. Rick R says:

    John where were you shooting the video, It looks familiar, but I am pretty sure its not on Main St in Alachua? Good talk by the way!
    Thanks Rick/Conestogas

  2. Barry Coogan says:

    Good piece today John for the first time doing this type of content Well done.

  3. Ron Schneider says:

    Great advice, Loved the topic .Tell me more. Tell me More!

  4. Always find your stuff helpful John! Thanks!

  5. Yvonne Jackson says:

    Loved the topic. Great advice.. Short precise and to the point.