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Two Powerful Interviewing Questions

Here is a link to the book I recommended in the video: Who – by Geoff Smart


  1. Another fantastic job at distilling down the complex to what really counts. I’ve struggled at times to communicate to a prospective employer that I want to be in your 30% as I think some hiring professionals don’t quite know what to do with someone passionately seeking a great place to work first and compensation at the start, second. You’ve helped give me some great ideas from both sides of the table.

  2. Thank you John for more great guidance! I bought the book “WHO” by Geoff Smart and I will ask my HR person to read it and I will read it also.
    I have a question around employee retention. I have some of the best people in the industry on my team and I want to make sure they are happy and stay with us. We have a great retention rate already and I don’t want that to change. I know that you work with many of the top companies in the world. Do you have any specific examples of the best employee retention programs out there?

  3. Kevin Hart says:

    As usual, some exceptional advice and examples John. I’ve always found it fascinating how ill-prepared people, companies and candidates, are for the interviewing process. Your suggestions and the book “Who” that you also recommended should be a key component of anyone’s toolset that has a hand in the hiring decision. The costs of bad hires far outweighs the expense and effort of doing it right.

    When you compromise the selection and hiring process, the rest of your business suffers. Sometimes fatally when its a key position.

  4. Marcy says:

    If more selection processes included your “pearls of wisdom”, there’d be a lot less new hire cost and frustration. As someone who’s hired, trained and retained many, many people, this was relatively the same question and expectation setting concept we incorporated and it worked well weeding out the non-fully committed.

  5. Mark Amaral says:

    Thanks John. Another awesome video!

  6. Hi John

    One of the issues i have in business is lack of response from people which could be a colleague a JV partner or a bank. I hear it so often from fellow business people in the UK that we have become distant in business. I have a business colleague who never answers my emails. I call him leave a message and may hear back three/four days later. I know get a better colleague but sometimes not so easy when you are involved in a number of companies together.