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A Great Guest Blog on Co-creation!

I was recently contacted by a wonderful young lady named Emily Thomas, who contributes articles to a web site called “Online College Degrees.” As one might assume, the site is pretty much what the name says it is: a place to find out more about how to get an on-line degree… but their blog has some really fun and cool postings such as: 100 Amazingly Insightful People You Can Learn from on Twitter or 100 Exciting and Innovative Lectures for Every Kind of Entrepreneur or 10 Most Successful and Famous College Dropouts. Emily asked if she could put together a guest blog for my site and I enthusiastically agreed. I really like what she came up with, a posting on “co-creation” a topic I’ve studied for several years (I especially like the GoldCorp example – one of my very favorites). I hope you enjoy Emily’s article, I think it shares some very important ideas. Continue reading “A Great Guest Blog on Co-creation!” »