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How do you make the most of a conference?



I was just asked by the folks at the Eventbrite, a tool for events I use often, if I would offer some suggestions for how to be more successful when networking at a conference. You’ll see the great infographic they created below, but I’d like to emphasize a few of my main ideas on this topic.

  1. It is NOT about what the people at the conference can do for you, it’s about what you can do for them in order to earn the right to have a real business relationship.
  2. Be a connector, imagine the conference as a giant party where you are the host and it is your job to make sure that all of the guests have a great time and meet lots of interesting people. So focus being a superb connector of cool people, they will appreciate your efforts a great deal and in turn will introduce you to their cool colleagues.
  3. When you meet someone, ask about their business, then ask them what are two or three of the big challenges they are facing that they would love to have help with, then do everything you can to connect them with someone that can assist them. There might be a chance that they will mention something that you can help them with, but the goal here is just offer assistance, not try to get a new client right away.
  4. Follow up soon after the conference, not to ask for business, but to say how wonderful it was to meet them and then try to offer more value. Connect with them on social media, connect them with someone you know that you think they’d like to meet, recommend a great book on a topic they are interested in, send them a fantastic article or a link to a great blog – and then send them something else of value every month or so. And then, every now and then, send them something about your company, products or services – not something super  salesy — it has to be something interesting and of real value to them. If they are a great potential customer they will eventually reach back out to you and ask more about your business and how you can help them.

Here are a few more suggestions from the folks at Eventbrite and me…


John Spence Named a Top 100 Speaker

DM_IBAO_Convention_2014_JSpence_8 Internationally Acclaimed Speaker and Author John Spence

Named Among 100 Great Leadership Speakers at

John Spence, international speaker and author of books on excellence, leadership and business success, is among 100 great leadership speakers and trainers identified in an article by contributing editor Jeff Haden.

Haden’s article, titled “100 Great Leadership Speakers for Your Next Conference” cites the opinion of best-selling author and speaker Kevin Kruse in naming John Spence and 99 other exceptional speakers and trainers. The story emphatically states, “Check out some of the following people the next time you need a great speaker. And if you’re deciding whether to attend a particular event and one of them is on the program, drop everything and go. You’ll be glad you did.”

Other recipients of this prestigious recognition include such famous business speakers as Tom Peters, Marshall Goldsmith, Ken Blanchard, Richard Branson, Gary Hamel and Jack Welsh.

“It am humbled to be listed among this group of incredible business thought leaders,” said Spence. “I simply try as hard as I can to deliver great value by making complex things simple and focusing on ideas that people can apply. It seems to be a formula that audiences appreciate.”

Over the past 20 years Spence has presented workshops, keynote speeches and executive coaching to more than 400 organizations worldwide including many of the Fortune 50 and dozens of private companies, associations and not-for-profits. His areas of specialty include advanced leadership, high-performance teams, strategic thinking, business excellence and superior customer service.




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