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The Last 50 Yards

It is a phenomenon I have seen play out numerous times in my career and every time it happens I am completely befuddled. Great companies, with super products, and very talented people, making rookie mistakes that completely undermine the very things they were working so hard to achieve. Let me tell you a story and give you an example to show you what I mean.

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Starbucks on Brand Congruence

I am in the middle of reading a book on the history and key strategies of Starbucks and ran across two quotes that made me think immediately of the blog I wrote on Brand Congruence. These are both from Howard Schultz, the founder and current Chairman of the Board: Continue reading “Starbucks on Brand Congruence” »

The Importance of Brand Congruence

I recently attended the national sales meeting of a high-end boat manufacturer that our firm represents and was delighted to listen as one of their top dealers gave an impassioned speech on the critical need for “congruence” when dealing with their customers. I could not have agreed with him more, and was motivated to take a few minutes to write out my thoughts on what this idea really means in the marketplace and why it is absolutely essential to building a successful company.

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