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Leadership and Disruption

There are several authors who have had a huge impact on my thinking and my career, and at the top of that list is Joe Calloway. I have read every book he has written, and then reread them, and then read them again. The title of one of Joe’s books is “Be The Best At What Matters Most”” which exactly describes Joe. I asked him if he would send me something that I could share on my blog to introduce him to any of my followers who did not already know him. Folks, this guy is brilliant, he has amazing business ideas, he has ideas that can change your organization and take you to a completely new level of success. He put this video together especially for us, and it offers you some very valuable business advice. I urge you to go look at his other videos and buy his books. Not because I’m trying to help him make money, but because I’m trying to help YOU make money. Here is my good friend and someone I respect and admire a great deal, Joe Calloway…

Here is a link to Joe’s author page on Amazon — it lists all of his books there.

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Leaders Are Readers

A Fantastic Book: The Referral Engine by John Jantsch

I can be a very demanding critic of a business book. As someone who has read, on average, at least one (usually two) business books a week for last 21 years, I approach most business books with more than a bit of skepticism and a seriously jaded eye. That is why I was surprised when John Jantsch sent me an advance copy of his new book, “The Referral Engine — Teaching Your Business to Market Itself” with a note that simply said “please just give this an honest review.” I was impressed with his sincere desire for some focused feedback and a fair appraisal, so I told him I would be more than happy to closely study his new book and give it an honest review, but that I would pull no punches. Continue reading “A Fantastic Book: The Referral Engine by John Jantsch” »

Leaders are Readers!

If you study the life of anyone who has achieved at a very high level you will undoubtedly discover that they are uncharacteristically curious and strongly dedicated to lifelong learning. It is an old cliche’ but it is true… leaders are readers. So, in an effort to help you along that path, I’d like to share a few really good business books I have recently read and very highly recommend. Continue reading “Leaders are Readers!” »

Top Tiebreakers from Joe Calloway

Here’s the toughest question in business:  “Why you?”

In a marketplace where customers see sameness everywhere, we’re all just a commodity.  A pound a nails.  All you can do is play the price game.  Unless…you’ve got a tiebreaker.  Better still, a bunch of tiebreakers. Whether it’s a new prospect you’re trying to win or a long time customer that you want to keep, you’d better have tiebreakers and you’d better be using them now. Continue reading “Top Tiebreakers from Joe Calloway” »

Some GREAT Resources and Books

Every now and then I write a blog to share some of the cool books and tools I am discovering — the stuff I find truly useful.  So here are several things I highly recommend: Continue reading “Some GREAT Resources and Books” »