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30 Books to Make You a Better Leader

A single book might not help you discover your inner leader, but 30 books can change your life. That’s the premise behind the Regional Leadership Forum’s (RLF) 2007 book list. RLF, a nine-month program of individual work and group sessions presented by the Society for Information Management (SIM), fosters leadership development in part through book discussions. Continue reading “30 Books to Make You a Better Leader” »

12 Advertising Blunders to Avoid

This is a great article I got from Since I also own an advertising firm, the points this author makes – all make a lot of sense to me. Worth taking a look at if you plan to invest any time and money in advertising your business. Continue reading “12 Advertising Blunders to Avoid” »

My Top Book Recommendations

The following is a list of ONLY my top reading recommendations. I know the list looks long, but I assure you these are just the very best out of my library. I have put the symbol ** behind my absolute favorites. If after you go through the list, if you notice that I am missing a book that you really love – please send me a note with the title, I am always on the look out for excellent books! Continue reading “My Top Book Recommendations” »