Achieving Business Excellence with John Spence

How to get the most out of a workshop, seminar or speech

This is a great video for leaders, managers and employees to watch to help get the very most out of a business training workshop, seminar or keynote speech. I have been a business trainer and keynote speaker for more than two decades and I share with you in this video why it is so critical to pay attention and apply what you learn when your company spends a lot of money to send you to a training workshop, seminar or speech.

How To Be A Great Mentor / Mentee … [Continue reading]

Delivering Business Excellence


I recently stayed in the best Best Western in the world. I was in Hamilton Canada to give several speeches and stayed at The Best Western Premier C Hotel by Carmen’s and was absolutely delighted. As someone who spends more than 200 nights a year in … [Continue reading]

Change Is Changing


For years I have implored my audiences to “create a culture that embraces change.” I even put together a custom program for the Apple Specialists Group on “Nimblocity” (that is being nimble with velocity) and tell clients that if they want to be … [Continue reading]

Mastering the Art of Workplace Relationships


This is a guest blog from my friend Jesse Ferrell, a very dynamic and thoughtful professional coach and speaker. I hope you find his article of value! We have discovered 3 easy ways to build great and sustainable relationships in the workplace.  … [Continue reading]

To Sell Well…Don’t Sell!

I know that sounds odd, especially coming from someone who spent ten years as a top-level sales trainer to major corporations around the world, helping them close 100 million dollar deals, but it is the truth. The best salespeople don’t sell, they … [Continue reading]

Business Success Made Simple

For nearly a decade I've been jumping up and down at almost every seminar I teach shouting, “Whoever owns the voice of the customer – owns the marketplace.” Yet I am still absolutely flabbergasted by how few companies truly do even an average job of … [Continue reading]

Sales Leadership Webinar


On Tuesday, March 31st at 11 AM EDT I will be one of the presenters in a FREE sales leadership webinar with five of the top sales trainers in the world. We did one of these in January on a different sales topic and got more than 3,000 attendees. This … [Continue reading]

Three BIG Ideas On The Future Of Business

I am now entering my 21st year as a management thinker, author, adviser and professional speaker on the core topics around business excellence. As with nearly everyone in my line of work, I consider Peter Drucker one of the most important business … [Continue reading]