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Two GREAT Books to Read That I Highly Recommend

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Incredible Resource for You


I am sure that you have noticed that I do not put out a blog every day. That is not because I am lazy - or too busy - it is because I want you to know that when I post something it will be good...really, really good... and worth a minute of your time … [Continue reading]

The Three Keys to Success in Life and Career

Tom Morris

Years ago I stumbled across a book called True Success by an author named Tom Morris...and it changed my life. I read and re-read it and worked hard to apply the ideas it shared and they made a BIG impact on how I approached my desire to achieve … [Continue reading]

Advice On How To Ace a Job Interview

I just received this email from a good friend asking for my best advice on how one of his friends should prepare so that she could nail her interview for her dream job. Here is what I sent back to him...   I wanted to reach out to you to … [Continue reading]

Ten Business Success Ideas


As I sit here in the lobby of the Marriott in downtown Vancouver, I am reflecting on some of the highlights of the past few weeks which have taken me to assignments in Charlotte, Baltimore, Vegas, Toronto, Barbados and now to Vancouver. The clients … [Continue reading]

You MUST Learn to Delegate!


I was recently delivering a speech in Des Moines (great city - incredibly nice people) and one of the attendees approached me after my talk to ask for some advice. It seems that he had an employee that was very, very talented... except she could not … [Continue reading]

Creating Better Presentations


This post was drawn from the teachings contained in Duct Tape Selling – Think Like a Marketer Sell Like a Superstar by John Jantsch I’m sure you’ve probably sat through a number of really bad presentations, so the ultimate goal is not to be one of … [Continue reading]

Two BIG Leadership Trends


I was recently asked to put together a video on what I felt were the two biggest trends I saw in leadership right now. I have been delivering a lot of leadership programs in the last few months (and the last 20 years!!) with companies at every size … [Continue reading]

Important Business Idea: The Second Machine Age

This is an Important business idea: How the Second Machine Age will dramatically change the way we work and learn. I watched this video earlier this week and it absolutely has my head swimming. I also bought the book and am about halfway through … [Continue reading]