Achieving Business Excellence with John Spence

Five Fundamentals of Business Success

I just taught a series of business success seminars to about 300 entrepreneurs in Amsterdam and wanted to send a super special “Thank You” video to my hosts and the attendees on what I felt were a few of the MOST important things to focus on in order to run a highly successful organization. Once I finished the video I thought the information was so powerful that I decided to post it here on my blog for all of my followers to benefit from. I truly hope you find this video of great value and I challenge you to take at least one or two key ideas and begin implementing them right away.

Change Is Changing


For years I have implored my audiences to “create a culture that embraces change.” I even put together a custom program for the Apple Specialists Group on “Nimblocity” (that is being nimble with velocity) and tell clients that if they want to be … [Continue reading]

Mastering the Art of Workplace Relationships


This is a guest blog from my friend Jesse Ferrell, a very dynamic and thoughtful professional coach and speaker. I hope you find his article of value! We have discovered 3 easy ways to build great and sustainable relationships in the workplace.  … [Continue reading]

To Sell Well…Don’t Sell!

I know that sounds odd, especially coming from someone who spent ten years as a top-level sales trainer to major corporations around the world, helping them close 100 million dollar deals, but it is the truth. The best salespeople don’t sell, they … [Continue reading]

Business Success Made Simple

For nearly a decade I've been jumping up and down at almost every seminar I teach shouting, “Whoever owns the voice of the customer – owns the marketplace.” Yet I am still absolutely flabbergasted by how few companies truly do even an average job of … [Continue reading]

Sales Leadership Webinar


On Tuesday, March 31st at 11 AM EDT I will be one of the presenters in a FREE sales leadership webinar with five of the top sales trainers in the world. We did one of these in January on a different sales topic and got more than 3,000 attendees. This … [Continue reading]

Three BIG Ideas On The Future Of Business

I am now entering my 21st year as a management thinker, author, adviser and professional speaker on the core topics around business excellence. As with nearly everyone in my line of work, I consider Peter Drucker one of the most important business … [Continue reading]

Building a High-Performance Team

I was recently asked to work with a team of 12 mid-level managers in an organization of about 250 people. As individuals they were an incredibly bright, competent, diverse group that are clearly dedicated to the success of the company, as a “team” … [Continue reading]

How to be a Trusted Advisor

If it's important for you to position yourself as a "Trusted Advisor" to your clients, then you'll want to take a few minutes and watch this brief video that describes the formula for source credibility from Charles H. Green and his co-authors David … [Continue reading]

John Spence Named a Top 100 Speaker


 Internationally Acclaimed Speaker and Author John Spence Named Among 100 Great Leadership Speakers at John Spence, international speaker and author of books on excellence, leadership and business success, is among 100 great leadership … [Continue reading]