Achieving Business Excellence with John Spence

Top Tiebreakers from Joe Calloway

Here’s the toughest question in business:  “Why you?”

In a marketplace where customers see sameness everywhere, we’re all just a commodity.  A pound a nails.  All you can do is play the price game.  Unless…you’ve got a tiebreaker.  Better still, a bunch of tiebreakers. Whether it’s a new prospect you’re trying to win or a long time customer that you want to keep, you’d better have tiebreakers and you’d better be using them now. Continue reading “Top Tiebreakers from Joe Calloway” »

Seven Steps to Successful B2B Marketing

The team from our marketing and design firm was meeting with a client yesterday who asked us to describe what we felt were some of the critical success factors in an effective B2B marketing campaign. Here is a high-level overview of how we see this critical element of business growth. Continue reading “Seven Steps to Successful B2B Marketing” »