Steps to Being a Better Leader

Posted On: January 9

1. Be kind

Treat people with dignity and respect. Go out of your way to show genuine appreciation. Take every opportunity to say thank you. Be overly generous in giving away smiles. Be the bright spot when someone is having a tough day and be understanding. Show compassion. Leaders set the tone. Set a tone of kindness and love.


2. Be competent

Be a living example of dedication to lifelong learning. Approach what you do not as a job but as a craft. Set unreasonable standards for personal development and then exceed them. Demonstrate a growth mindset. Study a broad range of subjects. Be willing to unlearn things that no longer work. Always look for the lesson in everything that happens.


3. Help people succeed

Set clear expectations, so people know what it looks like to win. Coach. Mentor. Hold people accountable for delivering great work. Create a career path for them and support their growth. Give them opportunities. Increase their responsibilities. Help them try new things without being afraid to fail. Let them know you are on their team and want to help them succeed. Make it easy to win.


4. Be authentic

Tell the truth all the time. PERIOD. Don’t put on an act. Show vulnerability when appropriate. Work hard to make genuine connections. Be empathetic leaders. Be optimistic and encouraging. Deliver on your promises. Show people that you care about them as people, not just employees. Live your values in every action you take.


5. Listen

Don’t have all the ideas. Be curious. Ask lots of questions. Solicit feedback. Welcome criticism. Listen with your whole body. Watch for reactions and emotions. Try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Don’t be distracted. Show that you are interested and focused. Don’t worry about what you’re going to say next. Think before you speak. Regulate your emotions. Create a safe space where people can say what is truly on their minds. Celebrate people who speak courageously.

For nearly three decades I have traveled worldwide helping businesses and people to be more successful. During that time, I have discovered that there is a clear pattern of four things that all highly successful organizations focus on. I call it the Formula for Business Excellence. In this free 30-minute video, I will share it with you.

Important: There is absolutely no selling in this video. It is 100% content with ideas you can implement immediately to make a dramatic positive impact on your business.

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