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Some Ideas on Creativity and Failure

Last week I got an e-mail from one of my most treasured friends and professional colleagues, Hirofumi Leung – or as everybody calls him: Hiro.  I met Hiro years ago when he was just graduating college and told me he was about to start a sushi restaurant in the most expensive building in our town.  I was extremely skeptical that this “kid” would ever follow through on his wild scheme, but am happy to report that nearly 10 years later his restaurant: “Dragonfly Sushi & Sake Company” has won numerous awards and he has become one of the most respected restaurateurs in this area of Florida.  I have enjoyed a long relationship as a mentor and friend to Hiro and he often asks me for input, suggestions and ideas.  Here is the e-mail that I received from him asking for some help in preparing for an upcoming talk he had been asked to give on creativity in entrepreneurship... Continue reading “Some Ideas on Creativity and Failure” »

Some Fantastic Resources for You

I spend a fair amount of time doing research on the net looking for cool information. In this blog I want to share with you some of my very favorite resources that I go to often for ideas, inspiration and instruction. There is some incredible information on these sites… Continue reading “Some Fantastic Resources for You” »

Great Article on “Authentic Leadership”

Just as often as writing unique articles for this blog, I like to pass along interesting things from other folks. For any of you that know me, you know I am a voracious reader – and proud collector of OPI (other people’s ideas). Why re-invent the wheel, when some incredibly smart person has already perfected it and you can download it for free from the Internet? So here is a super article I found on Authentic Leadership. Hope you enjoy… Continue reading “Great Article on “Authentic Leadership”” »

What will it take to succeed in this economy?

I am a huge fan of Tom Peters. Love his books, ideas, and rants. I have met Tom on several occasions and really enjoy his quick wit, wry sense of humor and passion for business excellence. This is an article from Richard King, the director of the Tom Peters consultancy in UK, that was just posted on Tom’s site — I think he has some strong ideas for what it will take to weather the upcoming business challenges. Worth taking five minutes to read…

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“Make Them Easy To Manage”

I was recently out in California having a conversation with one of my clients, the COO of a Fortune 500 firm that has engaged me to coach several of his senior leaders. Currently I am working with a handful of divisional CEOs, each running a 200 – 600 million dollar enterprise. During our talk the COO said something that really struck home for me and gave me a super idea of what he wanted me to do for him. “John, these are absolutely fantastic guys, but they can be tough to manage… please help make them easier to manage.”

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How to Handle the “Bad Apples” on Your Team

Wow, suddenly I’ve had several clients ask me how to deal with the “bad apples” on their teams. The folks who don’t seem motivated, don’t deliver what they promise and seem to spend a good amount of their time complaining and bringing the rest of the team down.

In line with my 3-T (Train, Transfer or Terminate) philosophy let me outline what I feel are some of the things a prudent manager/leader needs to do to try to turn this sort of worker around.

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A Few Ideas on How to be Successful in Sales

Recently a young man I know, and have been a mentor to, decided to take a job in sales to help earn money for college. He is a bright kid, very talented and absolutely one of the nicest young people I know. So in an effort to give him a little help I decided to sit down and share a few key ideas I have on how to be successful in sales. Although this was written to someone brand new to the selling profession, I believe that ideas are applicable to any person who makes a living asking other people to buy what they are trying to sell. I hope you find some value in these suggestions.
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An Excellent “Ideal Leader” Model from Millennium Bank

Millennium Bank is a fantastic local bank here in Gainesville, Florida. It is run by a gentleman named Andy Williams, one of the nicest people I have ever met in my life and a dedicated leader of this organization. I recently had the opportunity to work with Andy and his entire group of bank officers to help them more clearly define the skills, attitudes and behaviors of an “ideal” leader at their bank. I have done this same exercise with hundreds of senior management teams and I think the list that the team from Millennium developed is highly representative of what nearly any person would look for in a leader they would willingly follow. Continue reading “An Excellent “Ideal Leader” Model from Millennium Bank” »

My Top Book Recommendations

The following is a list of ONLY my top reading recommendations. I know the list looks long, but I assure you these are just the very best out of my library. I have put the symbol ** behind my absolute favorites. If after you go through the list, if you notice that I am missing a book that you really love – please send me a note with the title, I am always on the look out for excellent books! Continue reading “My Top Book Recommendations” »