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Some Comments on Change Management

I was recently in Europe visiting with a client company that was going through some “change pains.” As I often do with folks I am working for, I was searching for a few good articles or books to help me describe and communicate key ideas I was trying to impart to them. Here is the actual note I wrote on the plane at 34,000 feet over the Atlantic:

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Fear Factor

A few months back I was teaching a conflict resolution class for a Fortue 100 firm and discussing how to use I-statements” to share your feelings and concerns with another worker. One of the participants in the class had asked how to handle an aggressive and rude supervisor and I suggested that she, assertively but not aggressively, set some clear boundaries about how she wanted to be treated.

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The Messenger

I think I am going to get my team to design a new t-shirt for me, it will say in big letters on the front “The Messenger” and all around it will be drawings of bullet holes with blood running down. Yes, they still shoot the messenger! Continue reading “The Messenger” »