Achieving Business Excellence with John Spence

The Five Factors of a Successful Company

This is a seris of short articles that John wrote for Gainesville Today Magazine on what he believes are the five most important factors for building a successful compnay. Clear vision, a measurable plan, culture of urgency, best people and superior customer service… Continue reading “The Five Factors of a Successful Company” »

Keys Strategies of a Very Successful Company: PGC

Many of you that have been to my seminars have heard me talk about one of my favorite client companies: Philadelphia Gear ( and their fantastic CEO – Carl Rapp. I have a tremendous amount of respect for both the company and for Carl and recently asked him if he would give me a brief list of the key ideas that drive his business. Carl and his team (Also full of really super people) run a very successful organization in a brutally tough global market and I believe strongly that they have a firm grasp of what it truly takes to run a world class company. Take a close look at these key strategies… I think they are spot on. Continue reading “Keys Strategies of a Very Successful Company: PGC” »