Achieving Business Excellence with John Spence

The John Spence Formula for Business Success

I wanted to kick the New Year off with something powerful, a message that I felt would be truly helpful to you and your business. So, after more than 15 years as a management consultant and reading upwards of 1,500 business books, this is what I feel is at least one of the main keys to building and sustaining a highly successful business: Continue reading “The John Spence Formula for Business Success” »

The Single Most Important Indicator of Business Success

I just received a wonderful note from my friend Miguel da Rocha Cavalcanti in Rio de Janeiro asking me what I felt was the single most important indicator of business success.  My reply was quite simple: customer satisfaction.  If you have highly engaged, satisfied and loyal customers — then an awful lot of the other things in your business must already be going very well  (of course, cash flow is pretty darn important too — even if your customers love you, if you run out of money you will be run out of business – but lots of cash flow is not necessarily an indicator of sustainable business success!). Continue reading “The Single Most Important Indicator of Business Success” »