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The Three Keys to Success in a Tough Economy

When times are tough, the number one thing that will help you survive is your staff. That’s right. There is no way that you can make it through the current economic turmoil alone; you need your employees (or team if you aren’t running the place) to be motivated and dedicated to helping the business succeed. How do you keep these important people on your side? To me, there are three keys: Honesty, Vision, and Culture. Continue reading “The Three Keys to Success in a Tough Economy” »

Great Leadership Advice for Challenging Times

The feedback from my recent video post of the Six Keys to Business Survival for 2009 has been exceedingly positive, and we plan to do several more videos in the coming months.  However, I came across an absolutely outstanding article by Dan McCarthy on his website “Great Leadership” that I think is one of the best I’ve read in a long time on how to lead in challenging times.  His comments and advice are spot on as well as being realistic and two-the-point.  I strongly encourage you to forward this link on to anyone in a leadership position — it’s just some great solid information that people need to be thinking about right now.  Also, be sure to click on the links in side of his article that lead to the article and white papers from DDI – these are also absolutely fantastic.


Here is the lead-in to Dan’s article, I promise you’ll enjoy the rest and the links:

Great Leadership for Challenging Times

I know this is a long overdue post. After all, this blog is supposed to be all about leadership and leadership development, and while there have been hundreds of articles written about how to lead during these challenging economic times, I’ve yet to add my own two cents…

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Hope this helps — I look forward to your feedback — John