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The Four Most Important Things I Have Ever Learned

I am currently going through all my blogs and looking for the ones to keep, update or remove. I ran across this one and was especially touched by all of the comments – there’s even one there from a very close friend who has since passed away. I hope you find value in these ideas, and add your own comments to the already impressive list.

In a few weeks, I will be facilitating a weekend retreat for an organization in my local community.  The theme of the retreat is “Self-leadership” and I will be delivering a very special class that I don’t often get to teach called “Strategies for Success.” It is basically an advanced life skills class, a superb opportunity to stop and take stock of your life and make sure that things are going in the right direction for what you hope to achieve in your life.  As part of the class, I have assigned some homework for each of the participants. I asked them to write down the four most important things they have ever learned in their lives.  I told them to imagine that if they knew they were going to die tomorrow, what four pieces of wisdom would they want to pass along to their family and friends. I thought that was a great question, so I wanted to share my answer with you. Continue reading “The Four Most Important Things I Have Ever Learned” »

Words of Wisdom

Last week I posted what I felt might have been the most important blog I have ever written. It was entitled “Keys to Success in Business and Life.” This morning I came across a video that really spoke to me and echoed the ideas I shared with you in that blog. This video is about Wisdom – with a capital “W.” It is a moving and poignant piece that really demands you take a few minutes to listen, watch and reflect.  After you view the video, I have pasted in the key ideas from last week’s blog below it so that you can reflect on those words of wisdom as well.  Continue reading “Words of Wisdom” »