Achieving Business Excellence with John Spence

How Do You Balance Process and Innovation?

This weekend my good friend David Whitney, who is the Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Florida’s College of Engineering, sent me the following question about a company that he and I serve on the advisory board for:

 “How do we create an organizational culture that accommodates work systems/processes, yet reinforces (and advances) a highly innovative spirit?” Continue reading “How Do You Balance Process and Innovation?” »

Does Your Company Get It?

I have just gotten off the phone with one of my favorite clients in the world, Austin Outdoor, a really cool company that delivers world-class landscaping services for top resorts, hotels, corporations and communities. I am currently helping them roll-out their new “Customer Service Excellence” program and it has been a joy to watch their team devour this project with enthusiasm, passion and professionalism. Why are they doing such an extraordinary job at this? I’ll tell you the secret: they “get it.” Let me explain… Continue reading “Does Your Company Get It?” »