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John Spence Named a Top 100 Speaker

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Named Among 100 Great Leadership Speakers at

John Spence, international speaker and author of books on excellence, leadership and business success, is among 100 great leadership speakers and trainers identified in an article by contributing editor Jeff Haden.

Haden’s article, titled “100 Great Leadership Speakers for Your Next Conference” cites the opinion of best-selling author and speaker Kevin Kruse in naming John Spence and 99 other exceptional speakers and trainers. The story emphatically states, “Check out some of the following people the next time you need a great speaker. And if you’re deciding whether to attend a particular event and one of them is on the program, drop everything and go. You’ll be glad you did.”

Other recipients of this prestigious recognition include such famous business speakers as Tom Peters, Marshall Goldsmith, Ken Blanchard, Richard Branson, Gary Hamel and Jack Welsh.

“It am humbled to be listed among this group of incredible business thought leaders,” said Spence. “I simply try as hard as I can to deliver great value by making complex things simple and focusing on ideas that people can apply. It seems to be a formula that audiences appreciate.”

Over the past 20 years Spence has presented workshops, keynote speeches and executive coaching to more than 400 organizations worldwide including many of the Fortune 50 and dozens of private companies, associations and not-for-profits. His areas of specialty include advanced leadership, high-performance teams, strategic thinking, business excellence and superior customer service.




John Spence Named a Top 100 Business Thought Leader


Trust Across America Names Top 100 Thought Leaders for 2013

Gainesville, FL – January 19, 2013 — John Spence has once again been recognized as one of the Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behavior. This year’s recipients hail from around the globe and include leaders from the public and private sectors as well as authors, consultants, researchers and academics. These people collectively represent an elite group that genuinely transforms the way organizations do business across the world.

According to Barbara Kimmel, the Executive Director of Trust Across America, “The honorees are inspiring organizations to look more closely at their higher purpose…to create greater value for, and trust from, all of their stakeholders. They understand that trust is an asset that can leverage real business gains. We congratulate all of these leaders whose work is shining a spotlight on the importance of trust and providing a roadmap for others to follow.”

JohnSpence with borderTrust Across America publicized and received hundreds of nominations from around the world. The list was narrowed through an extensive vetting and independent judging process. Other recipients of the 2013 Top Thought Leaders award include: Sir Richard Branson – CEO of the Virgin Group, Howard Schultz – CEO of Starbucks, Tony Hsieh – CEO of Zappos, acclaimed business consultant Ram Charan, internationally renowned author Thomas L. Friedman, and business authors Patrick Lencioni, Tom Peters, Rosabeth M. Kanter and Jim Kouzes.

“I am deeply honored to receive this wonderful distinction for two main reasons,” said John Spence. “First because this award is specifically for fostering trustworthy business behavior, something that has been a major focus of my career, and also because it is incredibly humbling when I look at the other individuals who were also selected as top thought leaders from all over the world.”

In part, Mr. Spence was chosen for this award for his work as an instructor at the highly prestigious Entrepreneurial Masters Program at MIT and his role in the Securities Industry Institute at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

“In the past year I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of executives in America, Asia-Pacific, Canada and the Caribbean on the importance of building organizations that are focused on honesty, integrity and trust,” said Spence. “It is a joy to spend my time helping develop winning organizational cultures that create engagement, loyalty and sustainable business success.”

John Spence is a business improvement expert based in Gainesville, Florida. He is the author of “Awesomely Simple – Essential Business Strategies for Turning Ideas Into Action” and “Excellence by Design: Leadership – The Six Key Characteristics of Outstanding Leaders. For the past 19 years, Mr. Spence has presented workshops, speeches and executive coaching to more than 300 organizations worldwide including; Microsoft, IBM, GE, Abbott, Merrill Lynch, AT&T, Verizon, Qualcomm, and dozens of private companies, associations and not-for-profits. This is the third time that Mr. Spence has been named a Top 100 Thought Leader and in 2011 Small Business Trends recognized him with an Honorable Mention as a leading Small Business Influencer in America along with Malcolm Gladwell, Seth Godin and Apple.


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Here are just a few VERY good books that I recommend — PLEASE feel free to add you suggestions!!!




The REAL Secrets to Success – for FREE!!!

In just the past week I have received more than a dozen emails from people who promise to teach me the “Secret To Success“… for ONLY $499  I Googled one of the people who sent me such a note and could not find him anywhere on the internet? No career history, no connection to any company, no awards, no charity work – as far as I could tell he has never accomplished anything.  Yet I still have a spam folder full of people who can make me “mega-rich working just four hours a week!” 

The “Secret to Success” is NOT for sale — it is free to anyone who wants to learn it – and these bogus emails upset me so much that I decided to put together this video to outline the very best ideas I have ever learned (so far) about what it TRULY takes to build an incredibly successful life. Whether you are a high school or college student, work in an office or factory, run or own a company – no matter how much education you have… I honestly believe that the ideas I share in this video (for FREE) can make a dramatic positive impact on your life and the lives of those you love… IF… you take these amazingly powerful ideas and apply them in your life every day. Continue reading “The REAL Secrets to Success – for FREE!!!” »

Five MUST READ Business Books

A Fantastic Book: The Referral Engine by John Jantsch

I can be a very demanding critic of a business book. As someone who has read, on average, at least one (usually two) business books a week for last 21 years, I approach most business books with more than a bit of skepticism and a seriously jaded eye. That is why I was surprised when John Jantsch sent me an advance copy of his new book, “The Referral Engine — Teaching Your Business to Market Itself” with a note that simply said “please just give this an honest review.” I was impressed with his sincere desire for some focused feedback and a fair appraisal, so I told him I would be more than happy to closely study his new book and give it an honest review, but that I would pull no punches. Continue reading “A Fantastic Book: The Referral Engine by John Jantsch” »

Tom Peters’ Newest Book… ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I admit it… I am an unrepentant Tom Peters fanatic and have been for 20+ years. But even with that said, there have been a few (very few) of Tom’s books that I felt were…uh… “Less-than-excellent”(small “e”).  So it was with a bit of trepidation that I sat down to read his newest book: “The Little BIG Things – 163 Ways to Pursue EXCELLENCE.”

At 507 pages of main text, it is a significant commitment for many readers to undertake the study of this weighty tome… but I promise you it is worth every single page of it! I read it cover-to-cover (twice) in the span of two days of flying to meet with clients. I simply could NOT put it down, as I was greedy to get to the next page of TP wisdom and wise-cracking.

If you are a Tom Peters devote’ you will recognize much (nearly all) of what this book contains… and that is just fine.  It is filled with a relentless parade of “Tom Peters’ Greatest Hits” that keep slapping you in the face and pushing you to think, adjust, change and take action. If you are a business leader of ANY kind – you MUST read this book. I absolutely guarantee that you will find not one… not two… but 20 or 30 game-changing ideas that could truly take your business and your career to a completely new level. As Tom readily admits, a great deal of what is in this book is just plain common sense (very much like my book: Awesomely Simple) but common sense is not always “common practice” in many businesses and this book is jam-packed with incredibly powerful ideas and suggestions that far too many of us simply forget to do. If you read this book carefully, with an earnest desire to make your business better, there is no way you could ever be dissappointed.

As someone who has read a minimum of 100 – 120 business books a year, every year since 1989, (and it all started with In Search Of Excellence) I will tell you with NO hesitation that “The Little BIG Things” is now in my top 5 all-time favorites. YES – it is that good!

Mr. Peters… this one is a complete home run!!!!!!!!!

GREAT Advice From Uber-Guru Tom Peters

I have been a fan of Tom Peters since his first book, “In Search of Excellence” was released in 1983. Since that time I have had the opportunity to meet Tom on several occasions and discuss business and leadership with him. Tom is a bona-fide Guru, a provocateur, a thought-leader and curmudgeon. I personally love his style of simply hitting you right in the face with what he wants you to pay attention to.  At the end of last year Tom published his Recession46 at, aimed at giving people suggestions for dealing with the recession. I think there are some really, really good ideas here – definitely worth reading and paying heed to! Have fun reading Tom’s list and pass it around to your friends and colleagues – we could all use a few good ideas to help us keep motivated and moving forward! Continue reading “GREAT Advice From Uber-Guru Tom Peters” »

What I Learned at the Global Institute for Leadership Development

I have just returned from spending a week in Palm Springs, where I attended the Global Institute for Leadership Development as a student. It was an amazing event, with some of the leading business thinkers in the world delivering thoughtful and timely presentations. For five days straight, from eight in the morning until 6 PM at night, we went nonstop from session to session, speech to speech, and also got personal coaching on our leadership and management styles. I took well over 80 pages of notes, to the point where I thought my fingers might never recover. Rather than give you an exhaustive recap, I’d like to summarize here a few of the key take-aways I got at this wonderful event… Continue reading “What I Learned at the Global Institute for Leadership Development” »