Achieving Business Excellence with John Spence

Do You Truly Add Value?

When times were good and money was flowing fast it was easy to generate business without a high level of differentiation or an incredibly strong value proposition. But now that the economic times have gotten tougher and every business and personal consumer is carefully considering how to spend their dwindling resources, unless you can clearly show that your business adds real value to the customer… you’re going to have a really hard time finding any customers! Continue reading “Do You Truly Add Value?” »

The Value of Mentors

In the past year I have been asked by three Fortune 100 companies to give presentations on mentoring — does that tell you this might be an important topic? Here is the hard truth: your career is your responsibility. We no longer live in a business world of guaranteed employment – at the most all a company will offer you is “employability” (i.e. training and experience for the next job you move on to). So if you want to move ahead and succeed – you do NOT need a mentor… you need a vast network of “Power Mentors” to help you on your way. Continue reading “The Value of Mentors” »